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  1. aaronjames3002

    Office 365 backup

    Veeam offer an O365 backup product which is quite good. I think it's free for the first 10x users: https://www.veeam.com/backup-microsoft-office-365.html
  2. Hey zhoffman0101 did you ever end up getting this resolved?
  3. Hey zhoffman0101, I'm in the same boat and looking for a solution. So far I've read quite a few forums but no-ones posted a fix yet. Am starting to consider paying for the hosted version of Screenconnect.
  4. aaronjames3002

    Agent install/reinstall problems

    This worked for me: 1. Removed/repaired .net 3.5 and 4.5 2. Ran the Labtech removal script that timwiser posted. 3. Installed Labtech agent using MSI installer (exe installer just closes after starting it, creates no logs nothing)
  5. aaronjames3002

    vpn connection for labtec

    Good question, the scenario I am looking at would be the server has crashed but you want access to the management interface on the physical server host so you can do a power cycle or poweron. Say from a physical os crash or power outage whereby the ups shutsdown the host. Do you think there's another way to achieve that? What do you think?
  6. aaronjames3002

    vpn connection for labtec

    Hey Guys This is my first post. I've been using Labtech for a while now and love it. I was looking for a way to create a VPN to my clients networks using Labtech. This is for scenario's where their server has crashed but you still have internet into the network. Has anyone managed to integrate a VPN client into Labtech or could recommend another method? Kind Regards Aaron