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  1. marktomsovic

    Major Windows 10 Updates (Anniversary, Creators)

    Ok, that's strange. I deleted the script and used solution center to redownload it, same error. I opened a ticket with support, we'll see how that goes. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out. Once it's working properly it should help out.
  2. marktomsovic

    Major Windows 10 Updates (Anniversary, Creators)

    @brendo - I downloaded the solution you linked and when opening the "Windows 10 - Install Feature Update" script I get the following. You have this problem as well? I'm going to reach out to support and see what they have to say but am wondering if others have the same problem.
  3. marktomsovic

    Find Rogue DHCP Servers, No DHCP, etc.

    @DarrenWhite99 - Quick note to update the .vbs file. I didn't roll through it line-by-line but WinMerge pointed out a dozen or so lines that differed mostly to the code that seems to download the binary if it's missing.
  4. marktomsovic

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    Well, it just happened again while viewing scripts. I created a new script and reloaded cache which didn't fix the problem, not even the test script I created showed up. I then tried creating a client and that didn't make any difference either. Restarting the control center got me back to normal.
  5. marktomsovic

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    That's certainly quicker than restarting the control center. I'll try add/removing a client next time it happens.
  6. marktomsovic

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    We're seeing an issue with the Control Center under Patch 7 where the body portion of the navigation interface perpetually refreshes or if it does eventually "finish" it shows no results. So you can bring up the scripts tree and see all the folders, but when choosing a folder it appears empty. Same with browsing client computers/contacts/network devices/etc. I initially thought this was due to leaving the CC open over-night/for a long period of time but it just happened again today while actively working in there. Reloading system cache or browsing different elements doesn't resolve the problem. Restarting the Control Center is the only way I've found to get normal functionality back.
  7. marktomsovic

    Tickets from Manage workflows

    I've approached a similar roadblock. I have a board and workflow configured so that when a ticket gets created, and is set to the proper status/item/type/etc, a Workflow detects it and fires off a script to run on the agent which is added as a configuration. The problem I'm having is communicating back to Manage and updating the ticket and status. Since the ticket is being created on the Manage side there is no Automate ticket to update and sync things over. I can only imagine that I'll need to dip into the API to do what I want, and even then I'm only guessing it's possible. I haven't even looked at it yet but I hope that since I have the manage ticket number I can update it as I want. Please post back here if you come up with any clever solutions!
  8. marktomsovic

    Script Backup

    This is excellent and it's obvious that a great amount of work went into it, thanks for sharing.
  9. marktomsovic

    DNS Forwarder Check

    This helped us find and clean-up some poorly configured servers, thanks for sharing. We've recently had some false-positives with one client in particular who has a terrible Internet connection and I'm looking into ways to deal with that as a separate issue.
  10. marktomsovic

    DNS Forwarder Check

    @DarrenWhite99 How are you handling this monitor's alerts that are generated when the server's Internet has an interruption?
  11. marktomsovic

    Agent Status and User Idle Time Dataview

    This is great, thanks for putting this together. Do you happen to have any references that further explain some of the Dataview fields? I'm interested in learning a bit more about how you color coded online/offline as well as the corresponding icon.