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  1. Aaron, Indeed it does. Do note that HP lookups are currently unavailable and I'm not sure when they will be available again. This is due to HP "temporarily" shutting down their warranty API service. They do state that it will return, but haven't said when. Thanks, Tim
  2. Not sure why I was slacking and didn't post this earlier, but here it is finally. This custom message box is designed as a replacement for the built-in CWA message box used for reboot prompts. However, it allows you to customize the colors, message, buttons, actions from the buttons, and responses from those buttons so that you have a better handle on the user response (or lack thereof). This is a standalone EXE that you would transfer via script from your CWA server using the File Download function. https://squattingdog.net/custom-message-box/
  3. Sure does. What error are you getting?
  4. Ram, Non-super admins should be able to see any tiles that they are permitted to see from the queries. For example, if they are permitted to see all data in the computers table, and your query only references the computers table, they should see that tile. But if they are not permitted to see the Webroot tables and you reference any of those tables with your queries, the query won't work and the tile won't showup. Thanks, Tim
  5. Hey Bdon. I was doing some database maintenance the other day and had things broken for a little bit. All is good now! Thanks, Tim
  6. Hey Paul, Reports use datasources which are basically MySQL queries to retrieve information from the database. The plugin stores the information in the table plugin_sd_warranty_looker_upper_lookups as strings that can be converted to dates with the function STR_TO_DATE(start_date,'%m/%d/%Y') (same for end_date). You can also enable the function to copy to the computers table. With that you can easily query the computers table where the columns used are assetdate and warrantyend. Hope that helps! Thanks, Tim
  7. Hey All! Been a while since I've posted updated information about this plugin, but I wanted to re-share it since it's grown and improved so much since that last post. ESX hosts are now checked. This will cover the same manufacturers as other computers - HP, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, Toshiba, and Fujitsu. This does require the Virtualization Manager plugin, and the plugin needs to find the hosts in order for them to be scanned. ESX hosts are also added to the WLU report via Report Center. The report is automatically added and will be updated. This eliminates the manual steps of importing and publishing it. Lenovo and IBM look-ups will now include the warranty start date. Any existing look-ups that just have the end date will be updated automatically 30 days after the most recent update, or you can manually update each one from the WLU plugin tile for the computer. The report is cleaned up and separates ESX hosts, servers, and workstations into different groups. The dashboard is cleaned up and more reliable. (Recently added) Improved performance and bug fixes. (Recently added) Report available in report center (that is now automatically integrated and updated). (Recently added) Warranty information can be copied to the computers table and synced to your PSA such as Manage or Autotask. If you're looking for a tool to query warranty information across your clients that works reliably, has great features, and has an affordable cost, you should seriously consider Warranty Looker Upper. You can get more information about it on the plugin page here. Enjoy! -Tim
  8. cjdavid618, There's not a field for description, actually. You can use first/last name, email, the service that was breached, and when. Here's the original text in case you need it: http://paste.labtechexpert.com/view/8f9af4eb Thanks, Tim
  9. aholmes23, Thanks for the script. I just made a ton of adjustments to it, as I'm sure you likely have by now, but I did find it overall really helpful for gathering the information I need. I'm not sure if you care at this point, but I thought I'd share the code needed to obtain the credentials for an ESX host. The query will gather a list of hosts and the associated username and password. I wrote it so that the script could be run on a single computer and then bounce across all needed network probes, so this query reflects that, but can be easily altered to just show the single result if you need it to. http://paste.labtechexpert.com/view/f69d39c6 Thanks again! Tim
  10. This script will simply install the Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware tool that is provided free from Kaspersky. If the tool is already installed, or if KIS is installed (which includes the anti-ransomware tool), the script will note that and exit. I talked with some Kaspersky people at AN and was informed that this tool pairs well with any AV and should cause no issues, but please use it under your own discernment. What does the script do? - It checks for KIS/KAR and exits if found. - Downloads the msi to install - - Tickets if the download fails - Installs silently - Checks for the presence of the installed application files - - Tickets if the files aren't found - Flags the computer as needing a reboot Note that you will need to reboot the computer in order for the application to work. This script doesn't force that reboot, it just flags the computer as needing it. This means that your reboot needed after updates monitor should catch it and prompt the user to reboot. Alternatively, you can certainly add to the script to force the reboot. https://squattingdog.net/script-kaspersky-anti-ransomware-installer/ Enjoy!
  11. Thanks for that. I'll do some testing and see if I can replace the issue. Thanks, Tim
  12. Mathesonian, I haven't seen that yet, though I haven't spent a lot of time in patch 8 yet. Are you seeing it every time a flag is available, and is it affecting the plugin from working? Thanks, Tim
  13. For anyone that's been having issues with this plugin, note that it has been resolved. Here's an update: https://squattingdog.net/speedtest-issues-with-lt-10-5-patch-8-lt11-resolved/
  14. Hi troms, Glad we got you taken care of via email. If you have further issues, please do let me know. Thanks, Tim
  15. JSephens, Please email support@squattingdog.net and I'll have a look with you. Thanks, Tim
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