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  1. Hi All - My largest customer utilizes the labtech ticketing for all of their needs. They have 20+ techs and solely use LT as their ticketing engine. We're trying write custom reporting so they can get some data based on different metrics...time until first response, number of tickets per day, week, etc. We're running into issues doing this via sql commands...and could really use help from someone to generate queries, etc so we can build a reporting site that they can go to and run these sort of things themselves based on values they choose. I'm willing to pay someone to do this...but, don't know where to look, so i'm posting here!
  2. I've got a realworld need for this for a few thousand agents. If anyone has any ideas for modifying a host file or some other solution, let me know. Basic filtering/website blocking is what we need to do
  3. JUst an FYI...I've found its been easier for me to go the dataview route. Run a dataview against all my agents. I can show tons of different fields and sort it how i want, then select all of the agents I want and then rlght click and delete.
  4. Okay...i've got another issue I need to find a resolution to, if possible... One of my largest customers uses the labtech ticketing for their technicians and customers. They've asked me to look into whether we can prevent a closed ticket from being re-opened from a user when they reply to an old ticket response. If that even feasible?
  5. thanks so much! This helps tons! A hidden secret...doing it thru dataviews :-)
  6. Ok thanks. SO i'm trying to do that, but what function do i pick to do this under the script window after i pick add new script? Sorry, i dont do much custom scripting.
  7. ok thanks. im not a big sql guy so i may need help figuring that out.
  8. Boy this is a big one.... Does anyone have a secret way that i cant figure out, that will allow me to move multiple agents from one location under a client to another location under the same client? I know i can right click the agent and do change location, but i have to do this to 800 agents :-( Any help would be appreciated. I may be having to do more later so it'll be a time saver.
  9. OK all - so, what do you recommend for a server of 6,000 to 8,000 agents? Of course, the 20 technicians that use this particular server complain things are a bit laggy using the control center.
  10. Anyone seen or created an uptime report that can be run against a workstation or server? Kaseya had this setup nicely and you could see for a time period on when the workstation was active, idol, offline, etc. Cant seem to do this same thing with LabTech
  11. Can someone help with doing a script for this or send a bit of instructions to do this? Scripting is not my strong suit.
  12. Yes i agree....Kaseya was awesome with that. :-(
  13. thanks yeah i forgot to install an agent on my LT servers.
  14. ok great thank you! how do i run a script against the LT server?
  15. I was told that I need to do this as a script...so if anyone has any insight, let me know! What i want to do is send an email to a certain address every 15 minutes that a server is detected as offline. The same thing the LT-offline servers monitor does, but it only alerts once. I want it to send an email at an interval of my choosing... Script to check offline servers in a group...and send an email every 15 minutes or so with the same message and then when the server comes back online and checks in, it sends an online server message.
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