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  1. Has anyone came across of know of a way to speed up the accessing of the Console or functions within the console? Are there any router configs that might help this along? Takes 10 seconds or more a lot of the time to load an agent window sometimes and we're on a 50/10 connection.
  2. This sounds absolutely amazing. Put me on the list for when this is released please!!
  3. Hi Tim, I have installed the updated plugin, restarted LTCC and no error. However when I try a computer I had already enabled and tell it to "check now", I waited about 20 minutes and still no results. I tried running the speedtest.exe on it's own, and it looks like it's making some checks and just closes. Does it save this to a file locally on my machine? Thanks, Ben
  4. I'm getting a popup error "There was an error retrieving the information. Sorry. I installed via the simple instructions and my LT Share is mapped to L via Dropbox and works for other applications. Unsure what I may be doing wrong here...
  5. Hi Greg, I'm not seeing the plug in show up in LabTech.
  6. Hi Utah, Welcome to the community! Yes, you can install most if not all of the plugins on here in the cloud environment. Remember to restart your DBagent after installing and enabling. Be patient and don't install more than one at a time to ensure you don't cause any corruption as many of these plugins use SQL.
  7. Strangely, mine is also showing successful patch installs today. I've been doing a lot of manual patching in line with Patch Remedy, but seems Patch Remedy is bringing the numbers down on systems missing critical patches. Some systems I'd like to be able to exclude, like terminals or systems not under contract.
  8. Hmmm.. Anyone else seeing odd behavior? Any logs to show if it is complaining at the command or script level for PCs in lists. Lastly is Attemps over "3". Once a system is tried 3 times it stops working on that system until you clear the flag. Let me know Hey Cubert, I'm experiencing the exact same thing. I have selected "Push Again" for Hotfixes on all Missing Pushed patches and there were only about 90 in there. Also not showing computers with issues on that tab in the plug in. My computers missing critical patches is going down though.
  9. I was trying to figure out how to upload an image, but I don't see where to attach, Anyway, I went into the "Install AD Module for PowerShell" Script and on lines 7 & 8 it says to download: /LabTech/Transfer/Scripts/Office365/msoidcli_64.msi. the 32 is there as well and I have confirmed that script works. Is this not the "L" drive it's downloading that from? I remember modifying these before so that it would collect the data for O365 accounts. What is the plug in command asking for when It goes to run the command to access the PS script to change the password and is there anyway I can modify it?
  10. I have that script in that folder, not sure why my LabTech isn't seeing it. It sees everything else under L unless that's not where other scripts are accessing. I have software installs that I run from scripts I created and they are working. Is there somewhere in the plug in, like when I hit "reset password" that I can modify where it looks for that PS script? I'll admit I'm not completely privy to exactly how the L drive and everything works, but as LabTech explained, if I put it in Dropbox it should be under L:. How do I test this? The other scripts that collect data and everything are referred to under the L drive and not through URL which is how I do most of my scripting, but they worked to install the necessary components to data mine, so why wouldn't this? As a forward I appreciate all your efforts and realize how beneficial this could be if we could get it to see the PS script. another thing of note is I also have the .msi files in the same folder, but don't see how that would have any effect on it, unless it does.
  11. Haha, I didn't mean SQL, more coffee! We have Dropbox setup as our L Drive again, but on second glance it don't seem to be working. I'll check that and see if maybe that's why it's not accessing the PS script. UPDATE: I have had LabTech fix the Dropbox issue and I can download the script off the URL. Our L drive is mapped to the Dropbox for remote. I don't have an issue downloading or running anything else from here. What script does the plug in call on when attempting to run the power shell script? is there somewhere I can go to change the download path to Https://company.hostedrmm.com/labtech/transfer/scripts/Office365/Office365_plugin.ps1? I know it will work from that. I opened the powershell script and it wants an Office365 username. I'm assuming this is autocompleted based on the information I have added to the plug in if we could just get the plug in to find the script. ON ANOTHER NOTE: Has anyone else here using cloud environment got this plugin to function correctly?
  12. You can run this Powershell command as part of your maintenance.... this sets the Update mode to "Windows and other products from Microsoft" $ServiceManager = New-Object -ComObject "Microsoft.Update.ServiceManager"; $ServiceManager.ClientApplicationID = "My App"; $ServiceManager.AddService2( "7971f918-a847-4430-9279-4a52d1efe18d",7,"") Steve. Steve, how would we go about running a powershell script of this nature in LabTech for those of us who are not familiar with scripting in that manner?
  13. Hi, I was wondering if you have any ideas why the plug in is unable to access the SQL script under the transfer folder when trying to change a password, create a license, etc, etc. Seems the commands are still not working. We are cloud environment, but I know that is not as limiting as it once was. Data collection and everything else seems to be fine.
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