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  1. Thanks for the Reply. Do I run this on a PC in Labtech?
  2. Hello, Is there anyway to get Labtech to automatically backup the bit-locker recovery key automatically? We have looked at the GPO policies in AD but this does not backup Keys for computers that have been previously encrypted...
  3. Hello, Thanks for the help, yes since this we have closed off 3306. 70-75 is open on UDP 443 however is not open
  4. Hi Ibegnaud, Thanks for the information, that gives me somewhere to start. Our installation was carried out by labtech directly and we have the following ports open. TCP/UDP 70 TCP 80 TCP 40000 / 40050 UDP 40000 / 41000 TCP 3306 TCP 8000-9024 Are you saying that we only need Ports 80 and 443 open for Agent Communication? Do you know of any guide that I should look at for a nginx reverse proxy? Is this free software like Linux etc?
  5. I was wondering what people use (If any) to secure their labtech server? We have all the ports open to everyone but we are worried that they might be explotied by having them open. We were thinking of locking down the firewall to Known Static WAN IPs but this would really limit people with Dynamic WAN addresses.
  6. Hey, What do people use for Vulnerability Scanning? Do you have things that intergrate into labtech? I'm looking for a solution where I can feed it a bunch of WAN IPs (From Labtech??) and it to report back on weekly scans. Currently I am looking at OpenVAS but wondering what other people use.
  7. Thanks for the help Kspooner. We have been working with Labtech Support to try and get this resolved and we have finally managed to work out what is going on. When the installer runs it run this file to update the triggers in the MYSQL database "C:\Program Files\LabTech\Setup\DBaseTrigger.sql" Importing this file manually into the MYSQL Database gave us a strange error. Error occured at:2016-10-18 13:18:47 Line no.:600 Error Code: 1359 - Trigger already exists Query: DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS `AuditCommandsStart` Error occured at:2016-10-18 13:19:01 Line no.:25 Error Code: 1360 - Trigger does not exist Query: DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS `AuditCommandFinish` Error occured at:2016-10-18 13:19:01 Line no.:26 Error Code: 1360 - Trigger does not exist Query: /*!50003 CREATE */ /*!50017 DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` */ /*!50003 TRIGGER `AuditCommandsStart` AFTER INSERT ON `commands` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF NEW.FastTalk = 0 THEN insert into h_commands(ComputerID,DateExecuted,Command,CmdID,User,Output) Values(NEW.ComputerID,Now(),NEW.Command,NEW.CmdID,USER(),New.Parameters); END IF; END */ Error occured at:2016-10-18 13:19:07 Line no.:584 Error Code: 1359 - Trigger already exists Query: /*!50003 CREATE */ /*!50017 DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` */ /*!50003 TRIGGER `AuditCommandFinish` AFTER UPDATE ON `commands` FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF OLD.FastTalk =0 THEN IF New.status > 2 THEN Update h_commands set status=NEW.status,Output=CONCAT(Output,'-',NEW.output) where CmdID=NEW.CmdID; END IF; END IF; END */ Error occured at:2016-10-18 13:19:07 Line no.:600 Error Code: 1359 - Trigger already exists As you can see the SQL tries to drop the trigger "AuditCommandsStart" and "AuditCommandFinish" The database says "Trigger does not exist" However when the SQL tries to create the new triggers the Database says "Trigger already exists" After some googling this issue is due to a corrupt trigger. If you go into the Database Files : C:\ProgramData\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.5\data\labtech AuditCommandFinish.TRN and AuditCommandsStart.TRN exist. As the MYSQL Database thinks they don't exist we can delete these files. Testing this with the DBaseTrigger.sql import script and no errors are present. We can now install Labtech 10.5 and the installer does not Quit on "Updating Triggers" (Hopefully this might help someone else who gets stuck on this)
  8. We are trying to upgrade from 10.0 to 10.5 but everytime we do the installation we get the error "An Error Occurred When Creating Triggers" and it leaves the server completely broken. We have followed all the instructions on the upgrade guide website, has anyone seen this? we run all the apps as "Administrator" and they are unblocked. Server : 2008 R2 x64 C++ 2005 x86 and x64 C++ 2008 X86 [9.0.30729.17 and 9.0.30729.4148 and 9.030729.6161] C++ 2008 x64 [9.0.30729.17 and 9.0.30729.4148] C++ 2010 x64 [10.0.40219] C++ 2010 x86 [10.0.40219] C++ 2013 x64 [12.0.30501] C++ 2013 x86 [12.0.30501] MySQL Connector Net 6.9.9 MySQL Connector / ODBC 3.51 MySQL Connector / ODBC 5.3 x86 MySQL Connector / ODBC 5.3 x64 MySQL Installer - Community MySQL Server 5.5 failed_install.txt
  9. Hello, Is there away to configure Labtech to send out an Announcement Message to all Agents? Like at the moment there is a "Huge" issue with a False-Positive on Eset and we would like to inform all of our customers with some sort of pop up.
  10. Tularis

    Sophos Removal

    Hello, We have customer who is running "Sophos 64 bit Win Vista 7 2008" (As discovered by Labtech) We would like to move them to eset but need a Script to remove Sophos does anyone have one?
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