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  1. That doesn't work for me, I ran into the same issue a while ago, LT doesn't use the same Roles/Users to launch ScreenConnect. I've even remove the printing functionality from all roles and still have printers auto-populating from techs. The major pain is, the printers are not removing after the tech disconnects, and then end users start to try to print to them, because well, they are not the smartest. Jeremy
  2. Any update on the ESET v6 Plugin? We are looking at upgrading to v6; it does have 1 thing better than v5 and that is the Malware scanning engine improvements. Jeremy
  3. I updated the script to drop the avremoval.exe file into the \packages folder under the LTSvc folder. Worked like a charm. (As a note, Does not uninstall MSE)
  4. edit dctest.bat to be: @echo off if exist %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe /c /test:DNS /DNSBasic | findstr /I /C:"failed test" | findstr /I /V /C:"systemlog" if exist %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe goto :end if exist %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe /c /test:DNS /DNSBasic | findstr /I /C:"failed test" | findstr /I /V /C:"systemlog" if exist %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe goto :end echo failed test Unable to find dcdiag.exe :end
  5. edit the dctest.bat to have @echo off if exist %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe /c /test:DNS /DNSBasic | findstr /I /C:"failed test" | findstr /I /V /C:"systemlog" if exist %windir%\system32\dcdiag.exe goto :end if exist %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe /c /test:DNS /DNSBasic | findstr /I /C:"failed test" | findstr /I /V /C:"systemlog" if exist %windir%\ltsvc\dcdiag.exe goto :end echo failed test Unable to find dcdiag.exe :end
  6. Anyone doing any FreePBX/Asterisk monitroing? I have an linux agent installed on a FreePBX install, It checks in; I get some basic info, but no monitors out of the box from Ignite on both the application and system. Before I go and start manually adding these, I wanted to see if anyone else already have some good Monitors for FreePBX/Asterisk boxes. Jeremy Barnes
  7. you can setup DBA (Doing Business As) and do Quotes from them.
  8. Does anyone have the plugin for this available still? Does it still work on LT 10.5? Jeremy
  9. You can use individual monitor over-rides; I've found that I doesn't reset when I do updates; A few times the whole thing is re-written, and those are usually renamed as well, so I end up getting a few every now and then that is easier maintained.
  10. Does anyone have this set to reboot the servers at some point in the middle of the night when it reaches this? If so, what did you do? Jeremy
  11. I had to remove the Dashing plugin from my LT server; It was causing crashes on the LT Database; To remove; You need to stop the LabTech Database Agent service; Disable the Plugin; Delete the Plugin from the LT Plugins folder (x64) and then delete the Ruby folder on the C: drive; Then restart the DB Agent Service;
  12. I just have my techs have the user install the default agent that shows up under the New Computers in my Company, and then I have that location set to No Contract No Fixes, and SC client installs pretty quick and whallah were in; I just don't know why they can't take an unused agent license and use it during the session. I have about 300 agents not in use. Jeremy
  13. I'm on 10.5, and I just confirmed, it does cost extra... .... I'm just wondering, as LT has stated in the Release for v10 that VNC was going to be end of lifed.... So, if they are ending LT VNC how does this effect Quick Connect, and is it right for ConnectWise to remove functionality (although it never worked for me) and then tell us we need to pay for it? Jeremy
  14. I'm on the latest 10.5 and I don't see that on any of my agents.
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