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  1. We also have this issue and do not have any query to delete these out of the database as of yet.
  2. I too am working on this and have found that the 0 command does not work. I have added in an additional command to uninstall the screenconnect app from the system via a shell as admin with "wmic product where name="ScreenConnect Client (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" call uninstall /nointeractive" on it to make sure the software is removed from the bad install. What I have found is if I manually run disable then uninstall via the software tab then enable everything works I just want a way to script this as well. It would be very nice to have. I also found that the best way to have the agent to just disable was to do an SQL update as the command 0 was not running on systems that had duplicate screenconnect GUID's.
  3. Well I am also trying to set up the screenconnect server as a stand alone server using SSL for the web interface. and the SSL is working for me to log in to the server. My problem is with the plugin and getting it to accept the URL as https and for it to get past the status being all red x's. Any Idea's
  4. Does anyone have a way to script a test of the virtual standby systems using hyper-V on the core system?
  5. So far because of the number of scripts and groups we have defined inside our labtech system the XML files that were imported are linking to the incorrect groups and scripts. I am resolving this right now.
  6. I am installing now. We are converting from StorageCraft to Appassure I will let you know if I have any issues and other feedback.
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