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  1. @dtackett the integration was tombstoned as it was not compatible with newer version of Automate. There's been some interest in renewing the project, but no funding. Maybe we should fire up an indiegogo?
  2. Great feedback. We were working on ticket sync already and the next release will close tickets in LT once the alarms clear in PRTG. We are also going to push alarms into the LT db so you will have the ability to create custom alert templates and have the delay be whatever you'd like.
  3. Apologies. I did not see the PM. Try running the installer again (vs. the update function) and hit up https://labtechplugins.com/prtg.html if you still have the problem. That will get into the dev queue.
  4. Mapping by Group (instead of just by probe is now an option).
  5. The plan is to have a free version with limited features and a paid version with more advanced features and a deeper integration.
  6. It will check once a day and notify you via the prtg plugin when you load the dashboard. You don't have to close and reopen the full CC. As we transition to a more regular update schedule, this will be a smoother process.
  7. Published. Plugin should notify you. - added probe management to client, allowing for pause / resume of probes and sensors for all locations - added time frame selection on graphs tab - added quick access to log files - removed automatic ticket creation on loading of settings tab - performance improvements - UI improvements - bug fixes
  8. We were working on advanced device mapping between LT and PRTG, but will push that to a future release. There should be an update out later today.
  9. The next update (scheduled for Monday) will include sensor groups and sensor pausing. The plugin should notify you of an update after it is released.
  10. Not at all. I tend to think the right way is to give the option and include the ability to do a many-to-one mapping so that a client/location can have probes, groups or devices. The trick is to get the most common settings by default so it is quick to setup but has an advanced component that will allow you to drill in for details. It seems like a map by group option would give the largest common usage, with an option to map devices individually. For an MSP that has a probe per site (what we thought was the most common usage) would simply need to assign a group name to that probe and map it. Good stuff. Keep it coming.
  11. *Update user docs: http://labtechplugins.com/upload/PRTG_LabTech_Plugin_HelpDoc.pdf
  12. @vkent39 - If I understand it correctly, you would like to be able to create a group in PRTG, move items to that group and then map that group directly to the Client|Location to associate the alerts. (Or that is how you already have it set up and just want to map it). It sounds like that would be a useful feature for a number of people. Would mapping on a per device basis be useful?
  13. limp1500 - pop open an issue ticket in the bug/feedback form and it will get to the right guys. You should be able to get to the API interface via browser from your desktop AND the console of your LabTech Server. The plugin will initiate the connection from your local machine, but then the LabTech server will make the subsequent connections. http://serverfqdn/api.htm?tabid=1
  14. We've seen a lot of people complaining about the limitations and reliability of SNMP in LabTech, so we finally took action. The team at Stack Advisors have collaborated to bring you a PRTG LabTech Plugin! We are in the early stages of BETA and would like additional feedback from the community on what features they would like to see next! There is a lot on the list and in the works, but your input is needed. The current release is available at http://prtg.labtechplugins.com The plugin will connect to the PRTG server via the API. You can sync the Group/Probe to the Client/Location and enable Alarms -> Alerts and Tickets. Dashboards exist on the Main, Client and Location screens. Settings continue to get more granular as we develop the plugin, so be sure to update when prompted. For now, all features are free as we build and focus on user requested features. You can get the plugin installer directly from here: http://download.labtechplugins.com/prtg/installer.exe If you don't have PRTG, just fill out the form for your free trial: https://shop.paessler.com/trial/prtg/19ada252 Questions? Let me know here or direct message.
  15. The plugin no longer has any limits attached to what you can save. You can get the updated installer at the links above. The plugin page: http://labtechplugins.com/mysqleditor/
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