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  1. i was able to get it to show as running by taking the * off the ap process so it's just msmpeng
  2. IT works on detecting its installed and also the virus definitions are correct. however, it always shows not running. im not sure why because the AV process its looking for is msmpeng* which is correct exe it looks like. does anyone have any ideas why it shows not running?
  3. mnewman

    Upgraded OS, Defender will not show in AV tile

    actually this guy posted his definition here
  4. mnewman

    Upgraded OS, Defender will not show in AV tile

    I have the same issue 1803 builds seem to detect fine, 1809 and above do not detect windows defender properly anyone have working AV definitions for Defender 1809 and up?
  5. mnewman

    Windows 10 update Script from Network Share help

    Hi Matt, Shell as admin can be tricky as it sometimes prompts for elevation, have you might want to copy it locally and then use shell to install it
  6. mnewman

    [Windows 10] Tray Icon Not Showing Up

    I'm also having issues with lttray.exe not starting it works for most agents but a decent amount are not running. a force agent update forces it to run, but after a restart, it doesn't run again. it's definitely not a policy issue %windir%\system32> netstat -ano | findstr ":42000 TCP LISTENING 372 UDP *:* 372 is the output of my command 372 is LTSVC (running though LT so not restarting the service as I can't actually tell if a user is logged in or not since tray isn't running.)
  7. i am also interested in the script id be willing to help out and add additional directories to the script as well.
  8. Hi Darren! This isn't working for me either the monitor has been running for over a week. I changed it to 3 days. some of the computers have been offline for a while so it some should definitely be getting removed. i changed it to 3 days and they still aren't being removed here is the config
  9. mnewman

    Windows Hyper-V Replication Enabled

    looks great. would that group of monitors that tests the replication health also be available?