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  1. The new probe requires a MAC address for it to interact/monitor a device so it will not work across vlan's I am being told. Hopefully that changes at some point.
  2. I can see why the MAC thing would not work for remote subnets. I forgot to add - the tech told me that Patch 12 has some fixes for the new probe - we are implementing that this weekend. He also said they were having issues where if you did not have SNMP enabled on your switches - it could possible cause issues with detection as well. sounds strange but that is what they are telling me. Hopefully the new patch fixes the remote stuff but not sure.
  3. Talked with support. Shame on me for not trying - but they had me check the box on the probe computer. On the network probe, settings, Scan tab. Check the Enable MAC scanning. (What JosefNT mentioned above) I did this, restarted the agent, initiated a scan and they are now being detected. By turning this on it basically turns on the old probe 1 scanning functionality. It uses the MAC address table from the ARP cache on the probe device for building the network device list. I was told the reasoning for not having it on was the old probe picked up things you could not manage. Their take was if you can't manage it why have it in there. I am looking at it a little differently. I want to see it even if I can't manage it so I don't miss something. I am leaning toward just checking the box and being done vs having to enable SNMP on all my servers. That would be a ton of work for my team for no benefit. If someone has a different take or thinks I am missing something, let me know. Thanks
  4. I finally got support lined up to talk to today. The servers I am trying to pick up are 6.5 u1 and 6.5 u2. Will update when I know more. Thanks
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the new probe not picking up vsphere servers? We have deployed at 2 clients purged devices and redetect and it seems like it skips them. I can see in the plugin_vm log where it is trying to use the vsphere credentials against devices but not the actual vsphere servers it needs to detect. It seems to be skipping them and they don't show up anywhere. We can ping them from the probe machine. Got a ticket open with support. They said we had to enable SNMP on the vsphere host. I am not 100% sure this needs to be done but we did anyway. Still did not work. I can SNMP walk the device from the probe server and get to the ESX OID's listed from above. Anyone else seeing this or have any ideas? (Still working fine with the old probe.) Let me know. Thanks
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