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  1. https://www.webroot.com/us/en/about/press-room/releases/carbonite-to-acquire-webroot This is horrible news. We used AVG when they were the darling of the industry many years ago. They got big and downhill the antivirus went. We switched to Vipre when they were the darling of the industry. They were acquired by GFI and went downhill afterwards. We switched to Webroot and have been happy ...until now. I have zero hope that Webroot will fare any different after this acquisition than AVG or Vipre did. On top of that ...Carbonite??? Really? I can't believe they are still in business in the day of super cheap and much better online backup choices, Carbonite is as outdated at floppy disks. I would have been less surprised if Webroot acquired Carbonite. Anyone with recommendations for where we go next when Webroot starts to suck?
  2. I like to use the "Chat with User" feature in the LabTech remote agents because if pops up on the end user's screen and get's noticed. However, the font size is set at 8.5 which is really small. I can change the font in the box at the bottom of the Chat window but it returns to 8.5 as soon as I start typing. It does appear I can change text that I have typed but not sent yet via highlighting the text but nothing sticks. Anyone know where the setting is for this?
  3. Oh. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! You have saved me from a horribly frustrating day. That is awesome.
  4. Prior to v11, you could go to the Processes tab and sort by the number of PCs running the processes. This was helpful when you suspected a computer running something malicious. Now, I can only see the ability to sort by CPU Usage or Memory Usage. Any ideas on how to regain that capability? BTW, IMO, the new v11 is "holy crap, WTF happened?" I feel like they threw us in the deep end as a toddler.
  5. Technigogo

    Custom Buttons

    I just installed this. I did not realize before the install that it does NOT have the same functionality as the other Quick Access Toolbar buttons. i.e., no sub-menus. That make this not very valuable to me. Then, I followed the subscribe page to see the price. $50 and then $10 per month. Really? No thanks. Add the sub-menus and I might reconsider. ...actually, I wouldn't. That is WAY too expensive for this even *with* the sub-menu requirement. I think your notion of monthly recurring revenue for just a shortcut button is overly optimistic. With the sub-menus, this is worth about $15 for a perpetual license.
  6. Technigogo

    Antivirus resell choice/recommendation for MSP

    We went with Webroot. So far, very happy. That is a very impressive, hard working, efficient little antivirus!
  7. Technigogo

    Script to remove Trend Micro

    Jobey, thank you for the reply. Any opinions about BitDefender?
  8. I have been a reselling Vipre with my MSP offering for 4 years now. I am considering a change. Vipre is lightweight but it really does not catch much. I'm currently leaning towards Trend Micro but I will consider any. Tell me what you think, please.
  9. Technigogo

    Script to remove Trend Micro

    I am considering a divorce from Vipre and a hookup with Trend Micro. Since you guys are removing TM, I will ask: What do you think of TM as replacement for Vipre?