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  1. Has anyone investigated or found a way to create a MS SQL SSMS Redirector. The goal would be to be able to use the SQL Management Studio against a DB on a remote machine, obviously, without logging into the remote machine. I, in my feeble attempts, tried a simple Port 1433 Redirector but I have yet to be able to make it work.
  2. Thanks a lot. What I'm doing now works but that will definitely give me something to think about.
  3. Is there any way to add additional datatypes as options for Extra Data Fields? We are keeping track of contract dates, etc for some of our clients and right now we have to be careful to format the date the same in the text field so that the reporting and searching is consistent? It would also be nice to have a MultiLine text box like a MEMO field that could be added as needed. Maybe I am overlooking something simple or maybe this is a possible feature request..... Anyone have any input?
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