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  1. So with LT 12 tunnels and redirectors seem to be working great. I was playing around with adding a new redirect for MMC.exe so that we can remotely manage computers using...well...any tool MMC can perform. I really have no idea where to start for this since there isn't really a direct list of ports or services to connect to in a normal sense. Has anyone been able to do this or can share some things to try?
  2. Is there anything that can done so that internal monitors for event logs don't "hang" around. I have a screenshot of our blacklisted events monitor but events that occur in maintenance windows or HOURS earlier still show up, even though the interval says -1 (go back one hour). Or is this typical labtech I am just stuck with?
  3. Does anyone have a script for deleting tickets older than 90 days? If the ticket has reached this age, we would consider it not sync'd with the plugin and worth manually killing in LT.
  4. Well I opened a case with LT support and they had me truncate the windowsupdateetlfiles table (it was 32gb). I had to stop the LTagent service, truncate it using SQYog and then started the service again. LT has been running fine. Since I'm not on LT12 patch 6+, they said this should be done every 2 weeks! This is also apparently a binary "holding area" for data and wiping it out effects nothing, it just goes here and then goes to the proper table. So far I can't find anything data that is missing so I guess we can trust LT support on this one....
  5. As the title states, out of nowhere, it seems my LTAgent.exe on my server is using massive amounts of ram for no reason. Possibly Windows Updates? Nothing else has changed on the server and it seems to crash the server daily during the LT backup time. I'm running LT11 P19, I do plan to move to 12 once the October patch is released, but who know if that would even fix it. Is there a config file somewhere I need to adjust? This is NOT the mysqld.exe, this is the LTAgent service.
  6. Do you mean change it so the command looks like this?: --proxy-server="socks5://%localip1%:1080" %RemoteIP% --incognito --user-data-dir=%temp%\LTChrome --allow-no-sandbox-job
  7. This is pretty neat, and half of the reason to get the paid MSP version.....which I'd like to avoid! Thank you!
  8. Hi the screenshots are no longer available and I was wondering if someone had newer screenshots or if I am on the right track.... I created a Performance Counter Check monitor for Memory and Available MBytes. I use the Less Than/Equal condition and the result is 80\o777 (which should be 80%????). Does this make sense or am I totally wrong here?
  9. I actually found a simple answer for this. Call 3 "Variable Set" script functions set to "Constant" VariableName=TicketCreateSubject and the Parameter=Whatever your ticket subject should be VariableName=TicketCreateBody and the Parameter=Whatever your ticket body should be VariableName=TicketCreateComment and the Parameter=Whatever your ticket body should be (this is for existing tickets getting additional info) Call the script "_System Automation\Functions\Ticket Comment That's it! Stupid easy! I was really surprised how easy it was. It will create a new ticket, or if one exists, append it. I selected the 4 items and made a scriptlet with it so that using this in the future is easy in my scripts.
  10. I know this is old, but has anyone figured this out?
  11. Its picky, I've pretty much given up on this functionality.
  12. Hello, it appears that LT (10.5) does not have a Deny option for reboot options? I contacted support and they said no as well and advised changing extra data fields or manually on each agent going to ignite and disable the patch reboot window. Uhg. What do you guys do? Do you do any sort of Deny? We handle the reboot ourselves with custom scripts and other means, but the LT pop up for rebooting still pops up at the end of patching and we've had many used confused by the message, panic by the countdown, and mad customers. We are currently set to Ask then Deny.
  13. Yeah this doesn't seem to work. This is a huge security hole for us, we require consent with screenconnect, yet LabVNC connects right in and our guys are bypassing SC because of it.
  14. I got antsy and did it anyway. It works, I ran version 1.7 of that script and it works fine with XP. Looks like I'll be doing this for any of our customers with SSL facing sites/services. Makes you wonder why this isn't a GPO option or simply "patched out" of the OSes. I get backwards compatibility, but I'd rather have to "loosen up security" than keep all Windows boxes so vulnerable. Oh well, job security.
  15. jyhirth - Do your XP agents still checkin ok?
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