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  1. regnillob

    Plugin Run time debugging!

    Interesting. I'll check it out. Does it work with VS 2017?
  2. regnillob

    Example C# Plugins

    Thanks Dustin! I'll check those out.
  3. regnillob

    DeviceInfo and GetDevice

    Getting a list of ComputerIDs to use with GetComputer to retrieve ComputerInfo is straightforward. How do I get a list of valid DeviceIDs to use to retrieve DeviceInfo using GetDevice?
  4. regnillob

    LabTech ITicket Multi-threaded?

    I am getting some strange and unexpected results as I work with LabTech Tickets and update information to/from a 3rd party system. The only way I can explain this behavior currently is to assume LabTech is making multi-threaded calls to UpdateTicket. I didn't see anything about this in either their docs or examples. It appears that the Control Center (UI) is synchronous, because it waits on a Ticket Save until everything is done in the plugin. But it looks like multi-threaded calls means my Ticket information is getting overwritten before I finish processing it. Does anyone have information about safely handling calls to a plugin's UpdateTicket method from other parts of LabTech?
  5. regnillob


    This post no longer applies.