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  1. Hello Geeks, I have been using a development license current through version 12 supplied by a customer who is no longer using LabTech/Automate. I have attempted to contact ConnectWise and request developer license information, but they never reply and I cannot find any information on their site about acquiring a limited developer's license to use the product only to develop plugins. How are other developers handling this situation? Many thanks, Reg
  2. Interesting. I'll check it out. Does it work with VS 2017?
  3. Thanks Dustin! I'll check those out.
  4. Getting a list of ComputerIDs to use with GetComputer to retrieve ComputerInfo is straightforward. How do I get a list of valid DeviceIDs to use to retrieve DeviceInfo using GetDevice?
  5. I am getting some strange and unexpected results as I work with LabTech Tickets and update information to/from a 3rd party system. The only way I can explain this behavior currently is to assume LabTech is making multi-threaded calls to UpdateTicket. I didn't see anything about this in either their docs or examples. It appears that the Control Center (UI) is synchronous, because it waits on a Ticket Save until everything is done in the plugin. But it looks like multi-threaded calls means my Ticket information is getting overwritten before I finish processing it. Does anyone have information about safely handling calls to a plugin's UpdateTicket method from other parts of LabTech?
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    This post no longer applies.
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