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  1. Hi all, I am looking for a way to set up a group that will allow any computer added to it to continue patching all day long as long as it has outstanding patches. I envision being able to add new computers to this group and have them run MS patching until completely updated. Currently, I set up a group and assigned the following MS Update Policy to it: Day: Custom Start Time: 12AM Duration: 23 Hours Selected all days, of every month. I then assigned the follow reboot policy: Disable reboot window, issue reboot when patching is complete. Reboot based on Patch Reboot Mode settings. Patch Reboot Mode: Now When I add a computer to this group, it initially begins patching, installs available patches, and then reboots. The computer then has additional patches that are outstanding either as follow-up patches or patches that couldn't be installed till after a reboot, but the computer doesn't attempt to install those patches until the next morning at 12AM when it hits the next patch window. How do I go about making sure that after the first set of patches are installed, the machine reboots, and then continues patching again? Is there an easy way to get this setup?
  2. Good morning all, I am reviewing our Automate deployment practices and want to know what others are doing for the "Login To Use For Administrator Access". Currently for most sites we create a domain admin account, something like domain\service-labtech and assign that account in that field on the Deployments and Defaults tab. This works sometimes, but other times I get errors stating that this account doesn't work as it has not logged in yet on the machine. What is the best practice and best way to set up this account? Does it need to be a domain admin account? Does it also need to be logged into every workstation and server at least once before using Automate? Thank you, Alex
  3. We use Uptime Robot for this. Works great and is cheap. We have it fire off alerts to Manage and also slack.
  4. Juan, I have it working with the following settings, it uses the date of installation for the uninstall.exe file as the definition date. It also is working to detect multiple agent versions as it goes by a registry key for the Sentinel Monitor service which stays constant between versions.
  5. Was just about to post the same. If anyone has got the images or has a working setup they can share that would be great.
  6. Hi all, After speaking with some people at AN2018 and also taking a few sessions at AN2018....I realized I have no clue about a thing when it comes to SQL queries and querying the LT DB for building monitors and scripts. Does anyone have a good suggestion on a starting point to learning SQL that related to LT? Thank you, Alex
  7. @LoneWolf , Thanks for the info and the scripts. I will review them this weekend. Will help with getting our Dell server management more automated. Happy New Year!
  8. I got these remote monitors setup and the alerts setup and they seem like they will work great. I am reviewing the documentation for OpenManage and using the command line. Can I ask how you are scheduling consistency checks? Are you manually editing the script for each server as not all servers have the same VD setup etc, or do you have another way of doing it?
  9. I would be interested in those scripts for querying OpenManage. Those monitors you have setup have given me a few ways to tackle the issue of monitoring our Dell hardware. Do you have a monitor to alert if a server is missing OpenManage?
  10. Also if anyone can chime in on how they are setting up an internal monitor to check if there is Dell Open Manage installed. I have a search that checks if a server is Dell, running Windows Server, and is missing Dell OpenManage but I am unsure how to convert that into an internal monitor. Any help with this is appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Awesome thank you. Do you know if there are any limitations with what version of OpenManage is installed on the server? I have a hodgepodge of versions across the servers we manage and need to see if I need to move them all to a consistent version.
  12. Anyone that is using this, how are you determining if a server does not have OpenMange installed? The name of OpenManage appears to be different across versions and operating systems. Are you searching based on a service or?
  13. Hi all, I am trying to setup a monitor that will create an alert and notify us when a directory has greater than 3 files in it. This directory is an import location for a program that is supposed to process these files and then delete them. Sometime this program stops running and the only way to tell is if the queue backs up in that directory We are trying to get a head start on this and get notified before the customer calls us saying that they are not receiving their imported files. I have a remote monitor built that runs and correctly alerts when there are more than 3 files in the directory but now I am looking to scale this across clients. Issue is that each client has a different folder or folders that need to be monitored. I created a new EDF tab on the computer screen and added a check box that I will populate these computers into a group with and apply the monitor to but I am not sure how to apply the correct directory path to the monitor. Is it possible to supply the path in the monitor from an EDF, or is there another way I can get the correct path on a per computer basis into the monitor?
  14. Is there an option to pay this monthly for the year or does it need to be paid for upfront for the year?
  15. Good morning, Any update on when we will be seeing the new version and what the subscription would be like? Thank you for you hard work. Alex
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