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  1. Before I check further, do you know if it is possible to establish an ODBC connection to the DB?
  2. We have recently added the ability in CFAR to keep patching, AV, backup, drive, and CPU history in separate tables from Labtech. You can keep data as long as you want and run reports that hit both Labtech tables and these new tables as if they are in the same database.
  3. Does anyone know of a reliable way (commercial or non) to access the LabTech cloud database using an ODBC driver?
  4. We have created a couple of custom reports in CFAR that look at uptime - One even tells you how long a computer has been up for any 24-hour period. You can give the reports a try by downloading a demo copy (15 days) - Let me know if you want any help with the install.
  5. In the latest version of CFAR we introduced something called "Grouping Formulas". What these new formulas do is let you create a new field in one table that is linked to a set of records in another. The set of records can be filtered any way you want. The value generated in the new field is a statistical summary of the set of filtered records (sum, average, min, max, etc.) It sounds like this may help you solve your problem. What you can do is create a new field for average CPU utilization during the last work day (9am-5pm) in the Computers Table (Let's call this new field CPUAvgUtilLastWorkDay). The set of records used to populate this field would come from what CFAR calls the "CPU and Memory Usage (Hourly)" table - known in LabTech as v_computerstatshourly. The field to statistically summarize would be "Avg CPU" and the filter for the records would be composed of the "EventDate" and "EventHour" fields. The event hours filter would limit the set of records to work hours only. Choose to return an Average of these records, and you are done. The next time you want a report with AVG CPU for the last workday, you simply go to the Computers Table, pick a computer and pick the new formula field - and you are done. You might also want to create min and max fields for CPU as well. I have a blog article that covers something close to what you want to do - hope this helps. http://cfarforlabtech.blogspot.com/2014/11/cfar-major-release-5-making-labtech-and.html.
  6. The latest version has a new Ticket Report with a footnote that you were the source for our inspiration...
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