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  1. Hey guys, I've just run into this very issue myself, I'm understanding data source side (bringing in the extrafielddata) with my Where SQL is: ExtraFieldID = "AV Not Required" I'm just not sure on how to create a relationship and have the data display on my custom report. My thing is literally AV report, we have servers showing up as AV Missing and i just want to add an extra data field (the one called "AV Not Required") to the AV Missing section so that when we run the report we can easily see that it's ok / known that there is not meant to be AV on a particular server (so the clients don't get upset).. I hope the above makes sense and any guidance on getting this field to show up appropriately will be much appreciated. So like a said I'm pretty well just not sure what to do in regards to creating a relationship etc..
  2. Hey excellent work! I haven't been on here in ages as been moved off onto other projects here in the office, but now have been put back onto labtech development so here I am but wow it's great to see others have benefited from this! Excellent work rgreen I'll grab your changes and apply it to our environment when I get a chance, looking forward to seeing it work how I envisioned it from the start
  3. Hey, Borrowed and modified bits and pieces from the "Extract Email Account Details" by screwloose and some random VBS code someone posted somewhere on the internet hahah, But anyway this basically gives you a tab that displays all PST file location (see screenshot). This is very useful to us as we've come across multiple clients saving archive.pst files on their local workstations or when we acquire new clients and need to figure out where their pop emails are being saved or if someone has access to pst files they shouldn't really have access too etc. There is an issue in that if you run the "Find PST Files" script it will just keep adding results (so if you perform 2 searches you'll have double up info, 3 searches triple up and so on). So if anyone can provide me with an easy solution to the doubling up issue that'd be awesome I'll spend some more time figuring it out later. Hope this helps someone out there. pst.zip
  4. I fixed this by adding ID to the start of the SQL Query (under Email tab in Custom Tabs). Mine looks like this: SELECT ID,Name,Application,Email,Server,ServerPort,Secured,Type,User,Password,Profile,PasswordStrength,SMTPServer,SMTPServerPort FROM email_details WHERE ComputerID=%computerid%
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