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  1. I tried the same username and password with the Get-LastContact and received the same error. I then tried a different username and password. This time I received a green box with yellow text saying reading web response, reading response stream... (Number of bytes read: xxxxxxxx) incrementing number. The box goes away and comes back like it is stuck in a loop. I still receive the Warning: Switch to - Credentials [PSCredential} authentication method. Then it times out and stops.
  2. It has full administrator rights in Control is that is what you are meaning.
  3. So to do that, you are saying run the following command from the on premise Automate server and substitute the values for all of the variables correct? irm 'https://bit.ly/controlposh' | iex; Invoke-CWCCommand -Server @ControlServer@ -GUID @ControlSessionGuid@ -User @ControlUsername@ -Password @ControlPasswordDecrypted@ -TimeOut 120000 -Command 'powershell "(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString(''http://bit.ly/LTPoSh'') | iex; Restart-LTService;"' So I tried running it manually by opening PowerShell as admin with all of substituted values and received the same message.
  4. I am getting the following in the script log. Any ideas of what I need to change to correct this? Invoke-CWCCommand : Needs permission At line:1 char:41 + irm 'https://bit.ly/controlposh' | iex; Invoke-CWCCommand -Server http://labtech ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Write-Error], WriteErrorExcep tion + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.WriteErrorExceptio n,Invoke-CWCCommand WARNING: Switch to -Credentials [PSCredential] authentication method.
  5. Darrell_Null

    LabTech Location Password Mangement

    I see this thread has not been updated recently. Is this script still applicable and does it function on Automate 11?
  6. Darrell_Null

    Script to delete computers that are offline

    szkoda, the biggest issue with assigning to the monitor that I can see off the top of my head would be let's say that you have 20 agents all hitting 30 days old on the same day distributed throughout the day, you script would fire off 20 times during the day. If that is not a huge issue for you then technically I think it would be okay.
  7. Darrell_Null

    LabTech Stuck Commands Fixes

    Ok. Found it. Thanks for the quick response.
  8. Darrell_Null

    LabTech Stuck Commands Fixes

    We are having trouble finding the service.aspx file in the plug-in. Can you provide us the path to where it is located? We looked in the zip file and do not see it in there.
  9. Darrell_Null

    LabTech Stuck Commands Fixes

    The problem we ran into with this is the that commands to fix the first machine get stuck on the second machine and are now waiting for a third machine to be dispatched to fix the second one which will delete the commands on the second one leaving the first machine and possibly the second machine broke. Possibly a never ending cycle until you run out of machines at that site to try to fix the other ones.
  10. Darrell_Null

    Nagios for LabTech Plugin

    Yes, we would like to try a copy.
  11. Darrell_Null

    Ultimate Workstation Cleanup

    I am using the file from winapp2.com as posted by damadhatter and it works good. Cleans lots of stuff that CCleaner alone does not without lots of manual work.
  12. Darrell_Null

    Having a script create a ticket.

    There is a ticket create function you can use in your scripts as well as functions to add time and close the ticket. Lookup script functions starting with ticket. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  13. Darrell_Null

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    That fixed that issue, but it is throwing lots of dsadd failures when trying to add a single account as a test. From the output it looks like it failed to create the OU, tried again, and then tried to add the user all of which failed. I do not see any output where it created the user and confirmed that the user does not exist. Disabling for now. Parameters: cmd!!!/C dsadd ou "Managed_Service_Provider User Accounts" Output: dsadd failed:Value for 'Target object for this command' has incorrect format. type dsadd /? for help.
  14. Darrell_Null

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    Tried disabling and enabling again as well as restarting the database agent from the server rather than the control center with the same results. This is what I found in the LabTech Errors log. LTAgent v100.332 - 12/2/2015 9:37:21 AM - Plugin SetSQL Error:You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '` tinyint(3) NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`MSP_Name`)) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=u' at line 1::: LTAgent v100.332 - 12/2/2015 9:37:21 AM - Plugin SetSQL Error:Table 'labtech.plugin_itsc_msp_accounts_settings' doesn't exist:::
  15. Darrell_Null

    MSP Accounts Plugin - Free

    The plug-in appears to load as I have an menu item named MSP Accounts to the right of Help, but when I click on it, nothing happens.