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  1. Hey Guys, Can anyone tell me if automate can export automate login events via a syslog tool. We are using a SIEM tool to monitor our security and have found automate and connectwise control really lack these features. Connectwise control: Does have a syslog extension however it only exports session logs. It should also include logins to the web interface. Automate: Can't see any native functionality to export login attempts. Please educate me if i am incorrect
  2. Lukef

    Firefox Install

    I like the script also and think i understand how it works however i Can't see where you have set the downloadfile variable? Am i missing something
  3. NCPJohn, you nailed it by the looks. Thanks very much mate.
  4. Thanks NCPJohn i will check it out I was going off this screenshot in the documentation https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/LabTech10/Default.htm#UsingLabTech/Scripts/CreatingScripts/Advanced/FunctionReference/DatabaseFunctions/ExtraDataSetValue.htm
  5. Ok Guys A further update, I'm pretty sure this is a bug in labtech. From all my testing it seems if I have a @locationid@ set in the ID section of the extradata set Value it fails to set anything. If i change it to @computerid@ it works fine, however defeats the reason to use @locationid@ I checked the extrafielddata and this confirms my findings. There is nothing in there when using @locationid@ as the identifier however when using @computerid@ i can find my extradata. I Will pass this onto labtech support
  6. Thanks for the clarification. I'm really starting to bang my head against the wall with this one. IT seems no matter which function I use. 1> SQL Get 2> Get Extra Data Field function The script fails to run. However as usual when stepping through the process with the debugger it works perfectly. Appreciate your help with this. EDIT Here is my command, It works from from within MYSQL, It works fine from within the script debugger running on the same pc. However if I execute it as a script on the same pc without the script debug it fails. I don't get it and starting to think the la
  7. Ok thanks for that, so I should use the in built scripting option to update the extradatafield? will that make it more instantaneous
  8. Hey Guys Just wondering if you have any dramas using extradatafields in scripts. I have built a script that finds a certain folder on a computer in a single location and shares it. Because i don't know which machine it is going to be on, i have made a extradatafield on the location tab which is to contain the computername and share location eg. \\@computername@\sharename I then run a script on the location to map a network drive to that share path. Now i have no issues setting the extra data field with a sql update command, however when trying to get that extradatafield in a script the sc
  9. Will do some testing, thanks
  10. Thanks Ian, I will check it out. Do you know if you can download into the cache directory with something like ftp rather than from the labtech transfer directory. The script I have written downloads a winscp then uses the winscp Exe to pull down the file
  11. Hey Guys We have large project where we have to roll out MS office 2016 VL to a heap of remote computers. I have written a script that handles the install no problems, however I'm trying to figure out a way to distribute the large install file as the sites have limited bandwidth. Each site has around 5 computers each, Currently the script downloads the install file (.zip) from ftp then extracts it and installs it. I was thinking of downloading the install to a single machine then using a file share as the source to grab it for the remainder of the computers in that site. I'm just trying to
  12. I Love the look of this script. Just wondering if this script can be used against vcenter or multiple hosts and how you go about it
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