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  1. I'm trying to set up a script to download a file from our labtech server, ltshare\transfer to windows\ltsvc\packages. I'm getting an error that says ERR access denied writing to local file. I have scripts that download .exe and .msi from websites to this folder and have no problems. But I have not tried to write a script like this before. THanks for any help in advance.
  2. betsey

    java install script

    Thanks rgreen, There is a lot of good stuff in those scripts, but what I really need is one that downloads from the java website and not our labtech server. Is there a reason you decided to use the .msi instead of the .exe? I have scripts that install the .exe for flash player and reader from the websites with no problem. I don't understand why java is such a pain.
  3. betsey

    java install script

    Does anyone have a java install script that they are willing to share. I'm trying to create one, but am struggling. Thanks