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  1. DarrenWhite99

    Automating Domain Join

    The script should be named "Join Computer to Domain". All the scripts should be in the "__Examples" folder.
  2. DarrenWhite99

    Automate Agent Licenses Available

    Great screenshots @BenF, very helpful. The monitor is "trying" to alert against only 1 computer, and it is looking for the computer with Automate installed. (Where LTAgent=Running). If you don't have an agent for it, it falls back to using ID 1. If you don't have THAT agent, then it won't work. So, edit the "IFNULL(MAX(computerid),1)" section in the Additional Condition and replace "1" with whatever computer you want to have the alert to generate against. I think that will resolve your issue.
  3. DarrenWhite99

    Manage RoleDetections that are no longer Detected

    It is an Internal Monitor. There are no additional Scripts, Searches, EDFs, etc. It stands alone. You should find it in Control Center at "Automation" -> "Monitors" -> "Internal Monitors". Make sure that you restart Control Center after importing to ensure all windows are closed. If you have the monitors window opened it won't refresh the list. If all else fails, try running the entire .SQL file in SQLYog, and see if it is returning some kind of error. Perhaps it is failing to import? (Control Center won't tell you anything about the import)
  4. DarrenWhite99

    Converting PowerShell Scripts to CWA Scripts

    Some basics to know about Execute Script. The file will always be ANSI. Unicode characters will be lost. It is easily apparent that the "-" characters in the Remove-Item parameters are not a standard dash, but are the Unicode long dash. Delete and re-type those characters. Other common problem characters are "pretty quotes" (not ANSI straight quotes). A good test is to save your .ps1 as a plain ANSI file. Then re-open and review. You will find the invalid characters have become weird glyphs. The Unicode->ANSI alone will mess you up, but it should just cause the script to fail, not to hang. Things that will cause a hang are closing input/output handles, launching a GUI application in a non-GUI service context, or launching a process that stays running, which causes powershell.exe to not exit. I would not use "/passive", that still enables a progress window and almost certainly is your problem. You are also using an unusual invocation for cmd.exe, which seems unnecessary as you are already in a shell. Instead try: & msiexec.exe c:\dbitemp\software.msi /quiet
  5. DarrenWhite99

    Manage Power Profiles Using an Internal Monitor

    If the named plan does not exist, nothing happens. High Performance does whatever it is set to do. Managing the actual settings for "High Performance" (or your own custom plans, etc.) is a separate topic. FYI, I noticed a mistake that could cause the monitor to re-send system inventory when it shouldn't. The SQL in the top post has been corrected, if you use this you should compare and update.
  6. You misunderstand GPO deployment. You can easily have near 100% deployment in under 2 hours if computers are able to access the domain. The trick is to use a script that tests for the agent and installs if needed, instead of pushing an MSI. The next key key is to use a scheduled task (from your Deployment GPO) to run the script immediately, or hourly, instead of using a startup script No waiting for reboots, no opening of firewall ports, works through firewalls, NAT, over VPNs, always gets new machines as they join, and even automatically reinstalls if the agent is removed. (As long as the GPO is applied) As long as the machine is able to refresh group policy, it will work.
  7. DarrenWhite99

    Automate - Patch Upgrade Guide

    "Sort that mess?" Permissions are bitmasks. It's as simple as "OR"ing them together to get the cumulative permission. (Because there is no deny, only Enabled or not Enabled). I've never heard of this, but that doesn't mean that they couldn't have problems processing permissions. There just should not be any reason to have problems with permissions. Two classes with Super Admin? How should that matter?
  8. DarrenWhite99

    Manage Power Profiles Using an Internal Monitor

    Actually, TestAgent is a computerid, set in the line that says: SET @TestAgent=-1; Just change that number to a specific computerid that you want to test with before re-configuring the monitor to impact multiple computers in production.
  9. DarrenWhite99

    Manage Power Profiles Using an Internal Monitor

    The "#" is supposed to be removed when you switch from targeting a single computer (AND computers.ComputerID IN (@TestAgent);) to full production (the second line starting with the #). Otherwise, yes, the line is correct. That would prevent any computer from client 33 or 93, and any computer in location 157 or 240, from being affected by this monitor. The monitor also still supports normal group targeting (which would not override your hardcoded conditions) so you can target only specific service plans, or types of computers, and even individually exclude agent (Monitor -> Exclusions -> Disabled agents).
  10. DarrenWhite99

    Moving from Solarwind to Automate

    To be clear, you can and reasonably SHOULD download the .ps1 yourself, perform a due diligence review, and host it from a trusted repository. The command can easily be changed to pull the .ps1 from any location. The bit.ly shortcut is a convenient way to get the file from the master branch of the github source.
  11. DarrenWhite99

    Moving from Solarwind to Automate

    Easy Button - Use whatever tool you have to run this: "%windir%\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\powershell.exe" "(new-object Net.WebClient).DownloadString('https://bit.ly/LTPoSh') | iex; Reinstall-LTService -Server https://yourserver.com -LocationID XXX"
  12. DarrenWhite99

    Domain Computers without Automate Agent

    The above error message is because the AD Plugin is not installed. This monitors uses data gathered by the AD Plugin, and will not work without it.
  13. DarrenWhite99

    Custom Searches - Windows Version X and Above

    Did you Reload Cache and then re-open the search? I just testing importing into my dev environment and I experienced the same thing, until I reloaded cache.
  14. DarrenWhite99

    Manage Power Profiles Using an Internal Monitor

    Ignoring a specific location or client is pretty simple if you modify the monitor. It's more complex to use EDFs to control it, but EDFs are the nicer option. (I won't get into the SQL to make the EDF option work, but it is very doable). The monitor has multiple queries, each ending in AND computers.ComputerID IN (@TestAgent); #AND Computers.ComputerID IN (SELECT computerID FROM TCOMP) AND Computers.ComputerID NOT IN (SELECT ComputerID FROM AgentIgnore WHERE AgentID=@InternalMonitorIDNumber); As it explains, you are supposed to change to this in each place when you are ready to go live: AND Computers.ComputerID IN (SELECT computerID FROM TCOMP) AND Computers.ComputerID NOT IN (SELECT ComputerID FROM AgentIgnore WHERE AgentID=@InternalMonitorIDNumber); To exclude locations or clients, insert the following to the beginning of that line: AND Computers.ClientID NOT IN (1,2,3,4) AND Computers.LocationID NOT IN (4,7,9,11) And there you have it. Computers from Clients 1,2,3 and 4, and Computers in Locations 4,7,9, and 11, will not be included by the monitor.
  15. DarrenWhite99

    Automate Agent Licenses Available

    This is GOOD, if you have plenty of licenses available. The monitor will alert if the number of available licenses is below the "Result" value. To test this, you can edit the monitor (don't save) and change the Result field to a large number. Then hit Build and View, and it should return 1 row for the alert.