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  1. There was an update to the WR AV DEf in the solution center that did that LoneWolf. It's all better now. With an additional NEW AV Def for detecting more of the Webroots even.
  2. As kyelnick said, either version of VS is fine, anything 2010 or newer will be good. Also as he mentioned what version of interfaces you reference is important, if you want your plugin to work on both 10.0 and 10.5 systems I suggest you get the version of interfaces that installs with LT 10.0 and reference that version in your VS project. Referencing the older version will ensure that you do not use any features that were added to the interfaces in LT 10.5 as they will not work in 10.0. Another thing to keep in mind is what version of .Net LabTech requires v.s. what version of .Net your plugin project is built for. I believe for LT 10.0 any computer running the Control Center must have .Net 3.5 minimally. So if your project requires .Net 4.0 it can cause issues if the Control Center is running on a System that does not have 4.0 installed. So if 10.0 is your target minimum, then it is best to have your project target .Net 3.5. There is an exception to this however, if your plugin has a remote agent component, your project MUST target .Net 2.0. This is of course because the remote agent has this as the minimum required version of .Net that must be install for it to run. Happy Coding!
  3. lemtargatwing is absolutely right. If you create a custom table in the LabTech database the permissions need to be GRANTed for the users via implementing the IPermissions Interface of the LabTech Interfaces.dll Super Admins are GRANTed everything by this Automation Server (database agent) process, that is why you have no error yourself.
  4. Try restarting your LabTech Database Agent Service on your LabTech server if the agents are still showing as offline.
  5. There are some fixes for the dataview creator in LT 10.5. The issues I encountered we related to the loading and saving of permissions on the dataviews. So you can look forward to at least that working soon. I am not sure what other issues the dataview creator has, but I was able to load and save them successfully with the permissions related fix in 10.5. You could try setting the permission on the Dataview to SuperAdmin. That should prevent the issue related to permissions in LT10, but that may or may not be the issue you guys are experiencing. So I can not guarantee it is 100% working again in 10.5. On a side note, back to the original question posed by jh01. If all you need is a list of windows computers with less than 4gb of ram, use a search instead of a dataview. Not only can you use this as a displayed list of machines, but a Search has the added benefit of being able to be used to auto-join those computers to a group. This can then be used for further automation against these computers, which is much more useful than just a list of computers.
  6. The LabTech database is just a standard MySQL database, so yes you can connect to it via ODBC.
  7. Eh sorry this was a double post, so i edited it. silly phpbb.
  8. I just re-read your SQL Query again and I just noticed that you have DOUBLE quotes around "completed" AND "%C:%". Try replacing those with single quotes. Sorry that I missed that detail the first time around.
  9. The -9999 means that there was an exception thrown when trying to execute the statement. If I had to make a wild ass guess, it would be that the single ticks around the %computerid% are the cause. Try removing them as they are not required in the SQL syntax when the variable is numeric. My second guess would be that maybe %computerid% does not have a valid value. Try logging out the value of that variable in the script right before the SQL call is made.
  10. It is not a Script, but a Command. Commands -> Inventory -> Resend Events The events are also sent regularly based on the schedule configured in your Templates as Brandon alluded too.
  11. Did this once to my boss using Apple Speak and a shell script dled and run on a Mac from LT. Scheduled it when on a conf call with him as he is remote. Funniest. Shit. Ever.
  12. Sorry to disappoint jgouverneur, but the permissions changes in the next version are focused primarily on user class permissions and user class level plugin access permissions. There are no significant changes/enhancements to Contact permissions. That being said, it will be easier in the next version to create a user with more granular stripped down permissions. In LT10 you can make a LabTech User with only the 'Works with Tickets' and 'Timekeeping' permissions BUT when given these permissions the user will be not only able to see, but also have the ability to add to, edit, and delete the tickets as well. In the next version of LT, these Ticket focused perms have been broken out into multiple permissions so you would have the ability to make a ''Tickets Read Only" LT User that is restricted to seeing tickets for 1 Client, or even for only a specific group of computers.
  13. Boooo~ I didn't get to go there with you guys! No fair. :cry:
  14. True story. I was there... and left hungry... When will you be done making the plugin? I would love to test it. haha ;D I already have a feature request. Make v2 able to order pizza or Chinese takeout!
  15. Sure thing! Let me know if you need anything else. Happy coding!
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