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  1. Thanks Guys, i wasnt sure on the technical side of the permissions system but looking at the permissions structure and your replies make sense, thats a shame we had a request in from a client who already has access to basic functions and wanted a little bit more
  2. Has anyone been able to give clients access to their own scripts. This is so they can create their own and run there own but not see ones we have been creating/using
  3. Sorry to resurrect a long dead thread, i'm looking to integrate the password portion database in to our internal wiki platform, where can i find the keys to run AES_DECRYPT() against
  4. Noticed a strange bug in the web console, when logging in to the web console and opening a client the server starts writing to the SQL temp folder maxing the i/o of the server disconnecting labtech control center and RDP access, offical labtech support have suggested re-building the server (a bit drastic for me) has anyone else see such behaviour?
  5. I'm findinf if i leave labtech open for long periods of time if i go to open a computer/server i pop's up with a error saring "Could not open computer window. check logs for more details" anyone had this or better still fixed this? Thanks, Jonny
  6. We have just updated to the latest 105.226 3 weeks ago
  7. Hi Michael, ive re-ran the installer and i have no errors but i'm still mising the pushover config, i can see the plugin (see below)
  8. yeah, the installation continued and I can see it in the plugin manager but there is not configuration page in the dashboard
  9. When installing it validates the credentials then shows "Cannot Find Table 0." any ideas
  10. Our labtech server is creating tickets for sensors, we'd like to have it rais alerts but only wait we can see is one core of one server at a time its there a buld way to change this?
  11. Any one had any issues with windows 10 and the control centre? we are having a few where the popup isnt showing, either for scheduling scripts or more importantly lab vnc reasons Thanks, Jonny
  12. We suggest Veeam to all out customers using VMware (about 50) yet we are not able to register for VCP is there any other way of getting this plugin?
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