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  1. I'm looking at the possibility of using this kind of service also. The last post was over a year ago. Does anyone know of any other companies offering this type of service? Thanks, Phil
  2. Since Java is moving to the subscription model, Ninite Pro and consequently Ninite Solution have announced they will no longer support Oracle Java updates. They have made two open source alternatives available. We have several clients who use software that requires Oracle Java and not the open source versions. Those clients are going to have to purchase the monthly licenses. I just need a solution to continue to manage the updates. Does anyone know of any 3rd party patching solutions that are going to continue to support Java?
  3. plarue

    java install script

    We have been using Ninite Solution to update Java. Oracles' requirement of purchasing a subscription has brought about changes. With the announcement that the underlying Ninite Pro will no longer update Java, we are looking for other means. Using a script is an option but we really don't relish the idea of having to continually modify scripts for new releases. We're looking into other options but would like to know how others are dealing with these changes.
  4. I should have updated this ticket. We also switched to Ninite Pro and Ninite Solutions and have never looked back. It works very well.
  5. This is an interesting idea. The problem would be making it delete the subfolders as well as files. I don't see any way to make that happen.
  6. Is diruse.exe still available from somewhere and does it work with 2016 servers?
  7. We have several clients who use applications that depend on an Environment Variable/System variable that sets a path for java. Every time a Java update comes out it breaks things and we have to manually change the path. Has anyone built a script to do this? I was given the following script by a vendor who says others are using it to remedy. I want to get it into a labtech script and test but wondered if anyone has already built one? Thanks, Phil 32-bit: TITLE Java Path Update 32-bit @echo off cls for /f "tokens=2*" %%A in ('REG QUERY "HKLM\Software\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.8" /v JavaHome') do setx /M JAVA_HOME "%%B 64-bit TITLE Java Path Update 64-bit @echo off cls for /f "tokens=2*" %%A in ('REG QUERY "HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment\1.8" /v JavaHome') do setx /M JAVA_HOME "%%B
  8. Has anyone else been experiencing problems updating Adobe Reader XI using the new Patch Manager? The root problems seem to be with the third party software itself. However LabTech has not been able to provide a workaround and we have not been able to find one either. Adobe Reader XI is not updating and has not been for some time. Even if we completely remove Adobe Reader XI, reboot and then try to install using Patch Manager it will not install. It appears to download a installer for an older version and an updater file. I've located the downloaded files on a machine and was able to successfully run the installer which turned out to be for an older version. The updater file fails when attempting to run. I'm not sure how these two files are actually used by Patch Manager but it's not working. If I open Adobe Reader XI and run the "Check for Updates" form the help menu it will always fail the first time but will install when ran a second time. In addition, when the patch job for Java8 update 131 , it often leaves machines with Java completely uninstalled. Would like to know if other solutions, including Ninite are able to patch Reader XI and Java8 update 131.
  9. When I pull a Remote Access Audit in the new Report Center the "Connection Started" time for ScreenConnect session is off by 6 hours. LabVNC session times are correct. The server that our ScreenConnect runs on has the correct time. Any ideas?
  10. What I'm looking for is a way to set up an email alert anytime a user get's locked out of their domain account. The client said their previous managed service provider had one setup for them. I suppose they want to be able to unlock the user before they get a phone call. Doesn't really make sense to me.
  11. I've just had a request from a client for something like this. How has the remote monitor worked out for you collinsit? Perhaps this bump will get a response from someone else who has an alert set up for account lockouts.
  12. This was resolved in Patch 9. #8131054: Corrected an issue that was causing some internal monitors on split server environments to report both success and failure statuses on the same run. Installed the patch and the problem is fixed.
  13. Would like to hear from users of LT11's 3rd party patching. Comments, complaints or thoughts. We are on 10.5 and currently using AppCare. Support is going away and we are going to have to decide whether to go with the 3rd party patching in LT11 or with another solution.
  14. When a server goes offline we get an alert email. However about 2 hours later we get a success message indicating it picked up a heartbeat. This happens even when the server is still down due to a power outage. About 1 minute later we get another message indicating it is offline and correctly indicating the time of last heartbeat. Then, every 8 to 20 minutes we get another message indicating it's online followed one minute later by a message that it's offline again. Monitor Name: LT - Offline Servers Interval and Next Run Time: 60 Monitor Mode: Send Fail After Success Table to Check: heartbeatcomputers Field to Check: LastHeartbeatTime Result: DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL - (SELECT heartbeatdbupdateinterval *6 FROM advancedconfig)SECOND) Identity Field: computer.name Additional Condition: computers.computerid in(select computerid from computerconfig where computerconfig.heartbeatenable=1) and lastcontact < date_add(now(), interval -6 minute) The Enhanced Heartbeat Setting: Database update interval (seconds): 30 Can anyone tell me why this is happening?
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