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  1. Anyone know is it possible to create a persistent SQL table, and store my own data in it?
  2. not sure if anyone else has experience the lacking, terrible support for quite some time with labtech, but I wanted to submit a conversation i had with a tech. let me know what you think and if your experiences are the same: Ticket Number: 914**** Summary: how are patches discovered in lt11 patch manager Name of the customer: scott Name of the operator: kwilson Date: 2017-06-28T11:03:50 Current Duration: 00:09:06 10:54 AM - scott: scott Strategic Technology Group, LLC scott Not Logged In Requested Queue : Support - ConnectWise Automate >> Support Routed Queue : Support - ConnectWise Automate >> Support how are patches discovered in lt11 patch manager 10:55 AM - kwilson: Hello Scott, thank you for contacting ConnectWise Automate Support! How may I help you today? 10:56 AM - scott: how are patches discovered in lt11 new patch manager? 10:56 AM - kwilson: Please review the following videos, which detail how to successfully configure and use the Patching feature of Automate: 10:56 AM - kwilson: Patching Essentials https://university.connectwise.com/university/content/Lessons/LabTech/Patching_Essentials_output/story.html How to implement install policy How to designate patches for auto deployment How to reboot Patching Fundamentals 1 https://university.connectwise.com/university/content/Lessons/LabTech/Patching_Fundamentals_Part1_output/story.html How to install the wizard What areas make up the dashboard Why the patching section is important Patching Fundamentals 2 https://university.connectwise.com/university/content/Lessons/LabTech/Patching_Fundamentals_Part2_output/story.html Different features in the device section How you can modify approvals and where you can find all of the policies Patching Mastery 1 https://university.connectwise.com/university/content/Lessons/LabTech/Patching_Mastery_Part1_output/story.html How to create deny policies How to set up staged deployment Patching Mastery 2 https://university.connectwise.com/university/content/Lessons/LabTech/Patching_Mastery_Part2_output/story.html How to approve patches depending on situation How to track individual patches to machines and how to deploy immediately to multiple devices at once Partner Patching Kit https://university.labtechsoftware.com/mod/page/view.php?id=2775 http://labtech-university.s3.amazonaws.com/docs/CF_PatchManagement.html# 10:57 AM - kwilson: If your questions are not answered here, just let us know and a tech who specializes in this particular area of Automate will reach out to assist 10:57 AM - scott: is this documentation the same as the old knowledge base documentation 10:58 AM - kwilson: These are videos provided by our Patching techs that detail the patching feature and its proper configuration 10:58 AM - kwilson: Patching in Automate is a very thick subject 10:59 AM - kwilson: As such, often times issues revovle around incorrect configuration 10:59 AM - scott does you have a specialist nearby that you can pick their brain quickly on this question of how patches are discovered? 10:59 AM - kwilson: By using these v ideos you'll gain a solid grasp of the feature, and may resolve your issues 10:59 AM - kwilson: If not we are always willing to reahc out! 10:59 AM - scott: This is a very fundamental question. I don't see an answer in the KB. 10:59 AM - kwilson: But your first step is validation of correct configurAtion 10:59 AM - scott: Or doucmentation. 11:00 AM - kwilson: they're not KB's, they're videos sir. You'll need to watch them 11:00 AM - scott: we have had LT11 patch managment setup since LT11 was released. 11:00 AM - kwilson: Patching has changed significantly since then sir 11:00 AM - kwilson: Please review the videos to be sure you're properly configured./ That's your first troubleshooting step 11:00 AM - scott: sir or madem, i am not asking a configuration question. 11:01 AM - scott: i am asking how patches are discovered in labtech 11:01 AM - kwilson: often times issues revolve around incorrect configuration. Using these videos will hep you validate ypi're properly configured 11:01 AM - scott: oh my god are you kidding me with this? 11:01 AM - scott: are you even seeing what i am saying? 11:01 AM - kwilson: If your specific question is not answered in the videos just let us know and a tech can reach out to assist 11:02 AM - scott: or are you copying/pasting template responses 11:02 AM - kwilson: I am providing you with an answer to your question, I'm sorry if thats a frustrating answer sir 11:03 AM - scott : thank you. 11:03 AM - scott: Request for Email Transcript for ticket 9143673 has been sent. 11:03 AM - kwilson: Scott Elliott has closed the chat 11:03 AM - scott: Scott Elliott has ended the chat session.
  3. we are currently using efolder for file level, and looking to move to acronis for file level. anyone have any advice on this?
  4. wanted to see if eset v6 with LT is still a pain, or is it better now?
  5. as a third party tool, we LOVE PRTG (https://www.paessler.com/prtg). This can do that and more! brandon's suggestion seems to be best otherwise
  6. Use the Exclude option instead of not and. Not sure if in the new search, but it is in the legacy search i created an extra data field that runs weekly and stores the .net version for all computers, so that I can just look it up by EDF. one and done.
  7. I would also try revo uninstaller, to see if it recongizes it as still installed. It is free from ninite.com. You shoudl be able to uninstall Revo when your finished, but it seems to do a good job of getting registry entries.
  8. second the description, as I consider myself this
  9. For the MSPs that use Efolder, is everyone satisfied with their support? We've been having major issues with their support for about 6 months. The majority of things are not documented or are documented and out of date, so we have nothing to refer to. We are forced to contact support. We are constantly having support ask us for duplicate information that already exists in the ticket conversation (tech not reading information). One main issue is that multiple tech give different answers, and they conflict. Since nothing is documented well, we have no official source to go off of. This occurred for us with Shadow Protect, Image Manager, and VirtualBox versions. We asked several techs which versions to use, and one tech said we have to email support for correct versions, everytime we want to download them!! We'd never know if there was an update until we asked!! Another tech said to go to storagecraft.com directly, and another tech said to go to msp.storagecraft.com! This became a problem because we learned that we didn't have the correct settings, and certain versions only worked with certain versions, including virtual box during a DR situation. We've tested DR and had DR situations, but am very concerned that when we have a major DR situation, support will be a nightmare to work with, based on what we've experienced so far. We asked a different tech for information about cloud continuity, only to received an email template message, with a link provided that didn't take us to the correct place, only a sales pitch; the tech didn't read my email, as it only answered part of my question (forgot to address my technical questions); and took them 4-6 weeks to respond after I told the tech that it didn't answer my technical questions. We've been with efolder for over 3 years. When they moved to the cluster/pool pricing, we never received communication with this, so we ended up overpaying in storage costs thousands of dollars in total over about a year! No Sales person ever reached out to us on this. They claimed they communicated with us, and when asked to show us when and with what email they communicated, they never gave us one. We have no escalation procedure, other than to make tickets critical, which we don't, since it will eventually cause us problems with the vendor. Our sales person's response is to get on a conference call with support techs to work on our tickets--the same ones that can't get the issue resolved! Our major issue now is that we partially moved to image manager in the cloud, but there is a fatal problem with it, according to Efolder, and that is being addressed asap. The problem is during the replication job to FTP, it freezes during a transfer. Support wants us to email them when this happens so they can do something on their end, then I have to disabled and renable all the affected replication jobs in IM; this means remoting from server to server. The issue occurs daily. No images are being backed up offsite for some of our clients because of this. I've resorted to using FileZIlla to manually upload the majority, and will have to do this weekly. Some techs get snippy, and don't seem like they are very concerned with our problems. We are only 1400 or so agents, with about 50 clients with Efolder services. Anyone else have advice or similar problems?
  10. Determined somewhat how it works so far: installing a patch manually on computer screen by right clicking patch in selecting install, job will not show in patch manager > patch jobs. However, I believe if you run the command "Install all aproved patches," and during patch manager window, it will show as a patch job running.
  11. i think it is limitation of patch manager, not your environment. I would contact LT support for any SQL related questions or issues. I've tried configuring SQL performance configs on my own, only to have LabTech tell me I allocated too much memory, etc. And every Support technicians has a different real world configuration that differs from Documentation, every time I talk to Support. So, I just gave up, and let them handle the SQL performance config. hope that helps.
  12. Anyone know how, currently doing, or interested in seeing a log of all queries received and run by mysql? Not talking about query history in sqlyog, but actual mysql? I am working on determining how the new patch manger works, as It does not appear to be scripts and commands based like the old PM. I'm sure it will help if I can figure it out if I can obtain a log of all queries run on the labtech database. MySQl has a General Query Log (https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/query-log.html), but not sure how to enable it per se. I would only need a temporary log created, so I can turn on, run commands need to, turn off logging, and search queries in log.
  13. Anyone know how the JobsRunning column in the computerpatchingstats table works? Trying to determine whether a job is acutally running, and I checked a few that were set to 1 outside of patch window, but looking at the patch jobs inside patching tile, doesn't show up there. Also checked the windows updates log in the same data tile, and do not see any entries that allude to patching running.
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