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  1. without a doubt. just talking with other partners, even if you dont goto the sessions is worth it to me imo. But goto the sessions...you paid for them!
  2. @cubert, thanks for the response. I am aware about that and I do have that installed and working. However, I am looking to apply an AD like password policy as well or possibly in lieu of MFA. Even though I like MFA, the lack of SSO for our tools some others in my org dont like to have to open their phone to login to CW, LT, ITG, ect
  3. Does anyone still use this or something like this? I am looking for something similar on LT11
  4. If any of you fine gentleman want to signup with ITGlue use the following link. You will get $100 off and I get a $100 Credit. https://app.itglue.com/signup?r=bp4q45 Thanks, Ben
  5. I am just now experiencing this problem as well, found this thread researching it. I am not sure where the msi installer is being pulled from as it doesnt appear to be in my lt transfer folder and because it is a command I cannot dissect it. Anyone have any solutions?
  6. +++troms. I was in the process of writing one that did the same thing but my lunchtime browsing of this forum saved me some time!! Worked perfectly.
  7. Ill let you know once they get to my rollout group
  8. I uninstalled and reinstalled an old version I had archived ( and it appears to be working just fine. I will hold off upgrading until I hear from you Cubert.
  9. Cubert. I performed a clean install, rebooted the DBAgent and My Labtech and Enabled the plugin for my client. When attempting to run the Scan on a computer, I am greeted with this error. Any suggestions?
  10. Is there a way to encrypt that password field, or pull from the passwords tab?
  11. Cubert, I expressed concern that the cost for the amount of agents produced a lot of red tape in my org. With your Nov deal, I am fairly certain I can push us to purchase. A couple questions: 1. Your advert shows AYCE for 100/mo, but below that it shows tiered pricing. Is it one or the other? 2. You advert also shows only valid on 6-12mo subsriptions. Does this deal expire after 12mo or is it good for the lifetime of the sub? Thanks, Ben
  12. Sorry to update this old post. I have several custom modifications, like custom service plans, and it flags the Additional Field as being out of sync and thus the ignite solution. I cannot update many many things that I want to , because if I do those customizations will be overwritten. Does anyone have a workaround that could allow me to pick and choose certain parts of the ignite updates to grab? LabTech Support was no help. I like the Solution Center but I miss how granular the old marketplace was.
  13. To me? Nothing. If it were up to me, I would. But .25 x1800x12 = $5400/yr. Which requires a lot of red tape cutting in my workplace
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