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  1. So I haven't yet debugged it, but when I tried, every workstation that I did gave the unknown exit code error(even though they were successful). The code the script is returning is 0x0.
  2. That's really nice. I'll have to give it a try. If it works well, I'll upload the changes here. I've only had a couple fail, but getting proper reporting on why would be fantastic.
  3. @ViCiouS That is the latest one, I always remove the old version and put the new one in it's place. Your error is likely because the script runs as system on the local computer. Which means that the computer, not any user, must have permissions on the share. I think domain computers will work.
  4. File copy as admin should work, just make sure to use the UNC path, not a drive letter. Also, make sure the credentials are set in the location settings that you get to by double clicking a location under "Deployment & Defaults". If you do not set this, the As Admin commands will not work.
  5. As @KI_EricS suggested, you could use my script, or duplicate and update the script CWA provides, pointing the ISO at a cloud hosted version of the file instead of pulling it off LTShare. You could also edit it with EDFs to pull the file off network shares on a per client basis. My script works almost identically as the CW provided one, but mine does a better job of giving details of the process to the tech that ran it. Mines also a little more flexible with Windows versions than theirs.
  6. Another update to the script. It now leaves an entry in the script log with results, instead of just an email. I also ran into a problem with the script stopping completely if Resend Everything failed on any one part, preventing the followup notification. I turned that to continue on failure, because that's not particularly important to the process. I'm mostly doing the Resend Everything so CWA knows everything that changed due to the upgrade.
  7. Another small update, that I'm not sure makes a difference. This one reported by @jboring. I was clearing out script state before reading it. Didn't seem to break anything, but certainly seems backwards. To be safe I flipped them.
  8. The script has been updated. Mike Jones in the Slack reported an issue that caused the version check to always succeed on the followup run, as well as not giving the old version in the followup results email.
  9. Thanks @Slartibartfast for the start of this script. Slarti's version includes a Windows 7 to 10 upgrade, but I ripped that out because it wasn't needed for my script. I then went on to add a whole lot of checks and balances to the script to make sure it goes smoothly, and alert if it didn't. The attached script will upgrade a copy of Windows 10 to a newer feature update. All it needs is a copy of the ISO(one for 32 bit and one for 64), placed in LTShare/Transfer folder. You can get the ISO's from Microsoft's Media Creation tool. It emails the initial results to the tech who ran the script, checking for most common failures I could imagine. The script will schedule itself to run again 60 minutes after the initial install finishes(which can take an hour or so after the download finishes). On the second run it will check to see if the upgrade was successful and email the results to the tech who ran the script. The entire process will take upwards to 3 hours, unfortunately. 90% of that time the computer is usable, but I would recommend doing it at night during maintenance hours, as the user will not be warned before the computer is rebooted. If you are planning on mass updating, you could move the ISOs out to a cloud host, such as azure's storage and download them from there instead, as to not murder the bandwidth on your CWA server. [Edit 2019-10-16] Updated to fix bug with follow up version check. [Edit 2019-10-17] Script now leaves notes in the script log for actions, instead of just emailing. Also, resend everything doesn't stop on failure. TNE - Windows 10 Build Upgrade.xml
  10. Those would be "Remote Monitors". You can read more about them here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Automate/ConnectWise_Automate_Documentation/070/165/090/020
  11. Oh, I just noticed that that post didn't mention quotes inside of your block of powershell code. You have to escape all of your double quotes. Normally you do that by putting a \ before the quote. Or, if possible avoid using double quotes and only use single quotes.
  12. I don't know your backup setup exactly, but it sounds like a job for powershell and a monitor. You can use powershell to check the modified date of a folder or something, then a monitor using that powershell looking for a bad condition. https://gavsto.com/remote-monitor-series-finding-machines-where-bitlocker-is-not-protecting-drives/ Explains lightly how to do powershell remote monitors.
  13. Periodic checks in the entire ConnectWise suite of the following is a good idea: Plugins or extensions that are no longer needed, or could be replaced with a simple script User accounts left active API keys Service accounts That the CW products are up-to-date
  14. I would expect custom ports to work exactly like you did it. The error it returned suggest DNS resolution was failing. Make sure that that address properly resolves.
  15. If all users need the same shortcut, I recommend putting it on the public user's desktop instead, which would give it to all users that log into the system. It might also be better suited for a GPO, which has very good per-user control.
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