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  1. Cloud partners now have access the DB. LabTech documentation walks you through how to access it.
  2. Submit a ticket to LT support. They will resolve the issue.
  3. Yes it does. Solution Center is the new marketplace.
  4. You can also export the DB, transfer items directly to the LT Share, and download plugins on your own. Functionality that the on premise guys have that now we have!
  5. Hey Everyone, Just wanted to make sure that all the cloud partners saw the email on the new features from LabTech today. Very exciting for those partners who wanted a little more control. For those that don't, nothing has changed which is great.
  6. I don't disagree with you at all. I was just addressing etch's original post talking about cloud installments of LT. I took that to mean LT Cloud and just figured I would point out as a hosted solution to check the acceptable use agreement. Don't want someone unknowingly breaking their agreement. As for your plugin, it is definitely slick and I apologize if my message was misconstrued as going against your plugin.
  7. Couple things on this. I would make sure you check with both Amazon's and LabTech acceptable use policy. I don't think you want to do something that forces both or one of the other to shut off your service. Second, there are rumblings that LabTech may be looking to help cloud partners some type of restricted access to the server for exactly the reasons mentioned in this thread. So you may just want to wait until that is announced.
  8. Hello All, I have recently seen a couple of discussions around partners looking at NOC and Help Desk services. I wanted to get the communities thoughts on this subject. Does it make sense for MSP's to look to potentially offload this work onto a service provider? What would be the pro's and con's of doing this? What level of service makes sense to use? Would you trust remote remediation from a service provider? Also, I recently saw a survey go out from LabTech, the link is below, asking basic questions around this. I am sure some on the community already received this survey as well but if you didn't, it appears LabTech is looking for some opinions on this as well which I thought was interesting. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LTNOCB Thanks!
  9. Hey Kirk, I assume you are talking about hosting your on-premise server in AWS and not LabTech's Cloud offering? I can only comment on the cloud offering in terms of advantages and disadvantages. In terms of ScreenConnect, yes you can host your SC server in AWS. LabTech will not host it for you but if you have an AWS account you can host it. Also, I have heard that a ScreenConnect cloud offering is coming soon.....
  10. VM2IT, pardon my confusion but are you concerned about Amazon's security and their agreement? Do you host any other software in the cloud? I would imagine that Amazon's EULA is not that different from an Azure, IBM, or Rackspace EULA without looking into the details. With cloud services there is always an inherent risk but I look at it like this, it is better to be housed with a named provider like Amazon, Microsoft, etc. then a lower tiered provider that I have never heard of.
  11. All valid points Brandon and I agree that others are more restricted. However, as you put in #4, just about anything can be done in SQL within LabTech. Does that not hurt your stance on #1? Most cloud security breaches originate from within the organization and not outside. Also, with access should not some of the responsibility fall onto the me at that point? If I had access to certain features and went in and blew something up, would that not be my fault and not LabTech?
  12. What specific plugins are you unable to install in the cloud? Geek plugins or certified plugins?
  13. Looks like the LabTech cloud team created an email for people to submit feature requests specifically related to the cloud platform. I have pasted the email address below. Please note, that the team only wants feature requests tied to the cloud platform itself and not feature requests tied to the core software. There is a separate board for that type of feature request. LTCloudPlatform@LabTechSoftware.com
  14. I hope everyone on the board had a great holiday! The other thread brought up an interesting discussion point that I wanted to get the board's feedback on. What level of access to a cloud server/SaaS offering is acceptable? For example, SalesForce.com or even ConnectWise allow limited to no access to the physical server for their customers. In fact, most large SaaS providers fully restrict access and only provide customers with slight modifications and customizations. So this begs the question, is this level of access acceptable for something like a LabTech or is LabTech different? If LabTech is different, then how does a provider ensure that the platform is reliable and meeting SLA's when changes can made that are unknown to the provider? This is just a general discussion that think is an interesting topic. Non-cloud people feel free to chime in as well as I am sure you all are using cloud services.
  15. I have seen this frustration expressed by other members of this site. Not to ask a basic question, because I am pretty sure I know the answer, but what are you hoping to accomplish with this type of access? Also, how does the type of access you have today differ from a SalesForce or ConnectWise? These are the type of discussions I definitely want to have on this board as the more people voice their opinions about the cloud platform the more likely it is for the LT employees who check this site to actually make a change.
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