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  1. Hi, i have a script which collects offline Servers from the database and i want to send this list in an email . Today i put the list in a file and then attach the file with the send email function. But it would be much better to have the list inside the email body and not as attachement. Any suggestions ? Regards Frank
  2. Which version of python do you have installed ?
  3. Hello, i can't get it to work - i tried a wheezy server. First i installed python3, then python3-apt. in labtech scrpis exits with python not installed or ... error in a root shell with execution of python3 ./apt-get/APT-GET-Check.py i get a E: Unknown Error: '' (__exit__) Do i need somthing else to be installed befor the plugin works ? Greetings Frank
  4. Hello, how can i change the color of the list widget, when list is not empty ? I have a dashboard with several lists eg. offline servers, but i did not manage to do some kind of alerting . Regards Frank
  5. Hello, I have the same problem.Rows in h_eventlog are deleted when the last event occurrence ist older than 30 days. But there are events, which appears periodically ans so the error count is never reset.. I opened a ticket with labtech and their solution is to change the description on the health-report - great - it would be really nice to have a top ten of events on a time period like last week, last month etc . They suggest to open a feature request, what i will do . But when a lot of customers ask for the feature, there's more pressure on that . The query above could solve the problem as you have a 30 day redemption time on table eventlogs. Labtech support mentioned, that this table is growing fast and customers with 500 or 1000 Systems will have table size bigger than 50 GB and your query would take too long. Our customers are interessted in monthly reports, so i think about delete from h_eventslogs every first day of a month and change the description to "Top 10 Events since beginning of the month". This seems to be a more useful information than an historical alltime value. Any other Idea to this problem ? Frank
  6. Hi, thank you ver much - of course the lt-server execeute or lt-server shell execute are the commands to use. I should have seen them on my own. I'm using gammu for the cli SMS Send command. I now have a small problem with the paramaters - i Want to know in my Script, which monitor called it. So i Use the as Alert Message string %NAME% | %STATUS% | %CLIENTNAME% | %Result% | %LastFailDate% and this as cli in my LT Server execute Step as parameter -c c:\gammu\bin\gammurc sendsms TEXT 0171xxxx -text " s:@status@ f:@fieldname@ n:@name@ r:@result@ l: @LastFailDate@ für Kunde: %clientname% %computername%" I Have @status@,@fieldname@ and @result@ filled withe values @name@ and @LastFailDate@ are not replaced and send as is. Any hint on this ? Whenn i use this as Step: Shell admin execute on the client Agent, Values are filled. Thanks Frank
  7. We have a gsm-modem for sms because we want to get a sms when there's no connection to the internet. So email will not help.
  8. Hello, I want to get SMS messages from internal monitors. I created an internal monitor which checks e.g. a service state The script is always executed on the Agent where the service is installed - is there a way to execute the script on the Labtech Server agent (where sms software is installed) and not on the Agent which belongs to the tested service ? Thanks Frank
  9. Yes, i Know - i had the hope, that somebody did this before. I think a set of monthly reports for clients is not unsual ?
  10. Hello Community, we have about 10 Reports we want to offer our clients on a monthly basis- At the moment I use report manager, choose my reports, define date, time and contact and schedule the report. This procedure 10 Times per Client. Is there an easier way to do this – maybe with a template or a script ? I’d like to define a set of reports which is automatically scheduled for the clients I choose. Regards Frank
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