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  1. Vitaliy I am surprised at your response. Are you saying that Veeam is no longer going to support the Labtech Plugin? We use the data stored in the database via Brightgauge to display alerts on dashboards and provide integrated reports to our clients.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have any articles to point you at but for service accounts we just set them to bypass 2FA. We would include Automate as a service account. Still struggling with how the automate client stores the passwords but we are hopeful CW will make some changes here.
  3. We currently use a script in LT to change our domain admin password for different clients. Once this script is run we would like to automate updating the record in ITglue. I have spoken to ITglue about this and they say we should be able to do this via their API. This is out of my wheelhouse to setup. Has anyone set this up or is anyone interested in possibly trying to get this working for me as a project?
  4. We seem to having an issue where on the exchange powershell portion with the error message of the user hasn't logged into the discoverysearchmailbox so there is no data to return. The script is running as LTadmin. Have you experienced the same issue?
  5. Thank you I jumped on that post. Can't believe labtech didn't let us know it was a known issue.
  6. I keep getting this error on our test systems any ideas? ERROR: The process "ltsvcmon.exe" not found. Also what has everyone found to be a good amount of commands a machine can handle before it locks up? We are seeing this happen on almost all servers and probably 25% of all workstations.
  7. Has anyone experienced this issue as a global problem? Labtech says it does happen every once in a while but they say it is usually a port issue. We are experiencing it on hundreds of machines at a time. I have a feeling a script or something is causing it to happen but happen been able to narrow it down. Any ideas?
  8. The license shows expired how would we get it resolved? Our server token is 60432.
  9. Vitaliy, I would disagree. Every single B&R server if it is running multiple jobs seems to have at least one and usually multiple failures before completely successfully in the same backup window. Since a ticket is opened for every failure our staff is handling hundreds of tickets daily of failure tickets even though the job was successful on its second or third attempt.
  10. Michael, All of my license keys are showing hidden in demo now. I have configured your plugin still shows active and the Recover Keys 9.0 license is valid. Any ideas?
  11. @Bill.Stack I think mapping on a per device level would be extremely useful for us. Also a script to install and push a PRTG probe to a client machine would be great as well. I would think it would be nice to A. have the remote probe still monitor all WAN connections and B. install a local probe to monitor all LAN connections. Having the remote probe is important to us to help identify WAN failures.
  12. First off. Great plugin we have been waiting for this for a long time. It appears the only association you can do is via a probe. Currently we run a single PRTG probe out of the DC and have it monitor and scan all of our external customer devices. Are there any plans to support this type of environment? We mostly monitor for internet connectivity. Up/down, ingress and egress bandwidth, as well as firewall CPU usage.
  13. We are running the plugin on V11 it doesn't work properly. We have a ticket open with support to hopefully resolve.
  14. Labtech is charging $15 per server and $5 per desktop
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