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  1. mikeestes

    Patch 2019.3

    Awesome. Thanks again.
  2. mikeestes

    Patch 2019.3

    Yeah, I saw the same thing here. Would you mind sharing your ticket number so that I can refer to it when I call support? Thanks in advance...
  3. mikeestes

    Patch 2019.3

    I am having the same issue and worked on it for quite a bit today. I did find that the installs are failing with the following error: 'Failing command since command code is tied to a plugin that does not appear to be loaded. Set lt_IgnorePluginCommandCheck template property to disable this check.' I am not super great with that, but I did not find that specific property anywhere in the templates.
  4. mikeestes

    Trend Micro Uninstall for WFBS (SaaS) (Script Posted)

    I have been working on a very similar project and would love to see your final script since I have been pulling my hair out of Trend removal.
  5. mikeestes

    Competition Destruction

    Thanks Ian. I will definitely be putting this in my bag o tricks. Here is a script to remove AVG Managed Workplace (formerly Level Platforms) https://www.dropbox.com/s/93oeazlykldgvgv/Remove%20LPI%20Device%20Manager.xml?dl=0 Rare that you run in to it, but just in case.
  6. mikeestes

    Ninite Solution - Seamlessly Integrating Ninite and LabTech

    Michael, Thanks for the quick response. I guess that it would help if I checked the source for the information I was looking for. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks again for the assist, Mike
  7. mikeestes

    Ninite Solution - Seamlessly Integrating Ninite and LabTech

    Michael, Love the plugin, saving my team and I loads of time. I would like to add the Audit Only to my Onboarding process. I am not seeing an easy way to do this without using the plugin interface. Am I missing something or can you make a suggestion as to how I might 'easily' accomplish this? Thanks in advance, Mike