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  1. exosource

    Thycotic Secret Server Integration

    They don't. They use complex passwords and MFA and get on with their days.
  2. exosource

    Feature Updates

    Windows 10 Patching involves semi-annual update packages. That's how it works. They're not discretionary and if you're not applying them on a regular basis you'll end up in trouble with your customers. The support lifecycle for Home/Pro is 1 1/2 years from release BUT your customers will be nagged and force-updated So, since Labtech is mostly a Windows-OS-management tool, and that patching is at the core of its value proposition, I don't think it is unfair to expect them to fully support Windows 10 patching almost three years after its release. No one said it was easy, but that's their core business.
  3. exosource

    Acronis BaaS plugin for LabTech

    Spoke with rep yesterday, told me they plan a CW integration (but that you should NOT run both LT and CW integrations at the same time). Maybe the CW integration will be better suited to monitoring/response/reporting?
  4. exosource

    Grafana and Labtech

    Great tips, thanks! One of the things that prevented me from trying Grafana in the past is that I was certain it didn't support SQL sources. For those who would like to try this quickly on Windows, here's an alternative 1. Download Docker for Windows (newer versions require Hyper-V to be enabled on host) 2. Run this command is PowerShell : docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name grafana grafana/grafana 3. Login to http://localhost:3000 Docker won't "save" your changes when the image terminates, but its a good way to play around with Grafana. *** Turns out the docker image doesn't include the pre-built SQL support, so you might not get very far with that option
  5. exosource

    Acronis BaaS plugin for LabTech

    Yes unfortunately Acronis has been less than responsive regarding their (newly aquired) product, In Canada they are reselling through Ingram's Cloud Marketplace in a watered down format so they don't have any local reps and their pre-sales effort is pretty much non-existent. That's too bad because the product demos looked really promising. I really wanted this to be an alternative to our Veeam offerings and a replacement for Vembu StoreGrid (or whatever its called these days). I wouldn't be supprised if Veeam came out with a commercial version of Endpoint Backup that uses the Cloud Connect functions in the next 12 months. If that happens they're going to give the other guys a run for their money.
  6. exosource

    MSP Backups

    CloudBerry for Bare Metal backups requires a "staging" area where the whole image needs to be created before being uploaded. That was kind of a deal breaker for us. Trying Acronis BaaS now ... looking good.
  7. exosource

    Acronis BaaS plugin for LabTech

    Hi Robbert, We're likely to adopt BaaS as one of our primary backup solutions. We were not originally a BackupAgent user, but we might be a good candidate for beta testing the integration. We manage around 1000 endpoints / 100 servers. Also, I've tried establishing contact with the BaaS team a few times with no success. Do you have an email contact to share for MSP partner relationships? Regards Guillaume