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  1. Hi Alex, VAC is absolutely free in all cases. Can you please clarify the scenario where it is not? Also, I don't see any feedback from you what is not working for license usage reporting and the reference to actual products and license types. Let's continue our conversation in the Veeam forums, so that other VCSPs could see that as well. Thanks!
  2. Hey @MJoll! There will be no update for the existing Veeam Backup & Replication plugin, however we are planning to release the integration module for Veeam Availability Console (VAC) and Automate. Today we have integration between VAC and ConnectWise Manage, which soon should be expanded to the Automate product. Given that, I would recommend taking a look at VAC (free product that aggregates data across Veeam products) and if you need an integration with Automate, just pre-configure it and wait for the plugin that should be released in H1 2019. Thanks, Vitaliy
  3. Hello, Currently, we cannot share any ETA, but do have plans to release the plugin for Veeam Availability Console that will support Automate 12. Thank you!
  4. Yes, if you want to try our Veeam Agent for Windows and not Veeam Endpoint Backup (former name for the Agent), then VAC should be used here. One of the reasons, why our plugins are unsupported with v12 is for example, this screen loading issues. This was caused by the change in the way SDK/APIs work in v12, so previously released plugins are not working with it.
  5. @tbasehore, in our current plugin there is no way to do that, but we're planning to address that in a plugin for Veeam Availability Console which already has this logic and does not trigger any alarms if the retry is going to happen.
  6. Hi, Do you mean that built-in retried of the backup agent are also triggering failed events/trigger monitors? Thanks!
  7. Not sure that would work (our QA didn't verify that scenario), however if you add a Cloud repository from your provider to your Veeam B&R server (not Cloud Connect), you will be able to create sub-tenant accounts by yourself. These accounts might be used for Veeam Agents connection settings.
  8. @Klaymore, got it! If you want to use Veeam Agents, then Veeam Availability Console should be considered as an option. Today we don't have native integration with LabTech, but we're planning to address down the road. In our next update VAC (coming soon) will be integrated with Manage for billing and ticketing purposes. P.S. yes, I've been thinking about Slack option recently need to re-visit this idea once again.
  9. @amw3000, we had these discussions internally, but since OneDrive credentials are per user, then configuration of these policies might be a bit complex. Sharing the same account would be insecure, cause every user would be able to delete backups from another user. OneDrive target is positioned mostly for end users, that's why we don't have this option in the UI for centralized management. If these users don't want to use Cloud Connect as a repository, then you still can push a default backup policy to the Agents, and then ask users to set up OneDrive target manually using their user credentials. This might be a solution in your case, since you will still be able to monitor, report on and manage their jobs in VAC while these users will be using OneDrive as a target for their jobs.
  10. @amw3000, today you can achieve that via VAC only. There is a way to create a backup policy that points to your Cloud Connect repository. All this can be done via web UI of VAC. In order to monitor job states in LabTech, email notifications is the only option for now. @Klaymore, Can you please clarify what solution you're after? Do you want to monitor Veeam B&R servers or you're evaluating Veeam Agent for Windows/Linux?
  11. Sure! You can sign up to the Veeam Community forums, tell me your user account (so I could add you to the service provider private forums) and you will be able to track the progress from our digest emails sent out automatically to all community members. Our first integration for VAC would be Manage. Monitoring, ticketing, invoicing, all of that will be possible to do via VAC and Manage.
  12. Hi amw3000, Currently we're evaluating the idea to bring support for Veeam Agent 2.0 via integration between Veeam Availability Console and Automate. This solution will allow us to bring support for Agent job configuration, ticketing, integration with Cloud Connect repositories and job management much quicker than developing the standalone plug-in which only support Windows Agent. We are planning to release this solution later this year. Thanks!
  13. I didn't say that, I've just given heads up to those who are upgrading to v12 (especially for the Veeam Endpoint Backup plug-in), that some issues might be expected. We are still trying to understand the scope and all circumstances when these issues occur. Free Veeam Availability Console was suggested just a temp solution, cause we don't want to leave you without any solution for monitoring backup servers. Hope this clarifies my previous answer!
  14. Generally, Veeam B&R plug-in should be compatible, though some issues might be expected with license and jobs tabs (data might load slowly). We recommend to take a look at Veeam Availability Console that gives a bit more info about managed Veeam B&R servers.
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