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  1. Hello Everyone, I am seeking some advise on how other MSP's work with customer devices and local administrator passwords? Do you use the same local admin password for all customers? Do you change these regularly? Do you use the same local admin password for all computers that a customer has? If customers don't have a server and all they have is their devices. How do you manage this on your networks? How do you work with the admin password with roll out scripts if you have all computers within 1 location but using different passwords? Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. clsickle1

    Microsoft Teams

    Hi, Has anyone managed to get automate to roll out Microsoft Teams? Thank you CLSICKLE1
  3. clsickle1

    Uninstall AVG

    Have tried this, Thank you for your suggestion, however the logs show: Parameters: %windir%\LTSvc\ps.exe!!!RwBlAHQALQBDAG8AbgB0AGUAbgB0ACAALQBQAGEAdABoAC Output: Computer Name: PC-15 03/21/2016 09:42:17:004 SEPprep starting! 03/21/2016 09:42:18:045 Symantec Endpoint Protection is NOT installed. 03/21/2016 09:42:18:045 SEPprep stopping!
  4. clsickle1

    Uninstall AVG

    Good Afternoon, Has anyone got a script that will uninstall any version of AVG that works with Windows 10. I have taken a look at all the Scripts however nothing will work on Windows 10. There is multiple tools to install the software in bulk but to remove it, you can not seem to change this. AVG_remove.exe will not work with Windows 10. Thanks Claire
  5. clsickle1

    AVG Protection Help

    Thanks for your help but this made no difference. Has anyone had any luck with finding this configuration
  6. clsickle1

    AVG Protection Help

    Can someone help me with configuration for the AVG Protection set up I have put something in the Program location but i don't believe this is correct. I have the Definition location ok but can not get this to detect that this is installed. Can you help please
  7. clsickle1

    Powershell clone of TreeSize

    This is useful however this is also what i found: http://squattingdog.net/labtech-plugin-disk-tree/ This is an actual plugin for TreeSize. This allows you to delete etc. Very useful
  8. clsickle1

    Windows 10 Update

    Hi, Has anyone worked out how to get Windows 10 Deployed to workstations within an environment using Labtech Patch management? Thanks Claire
  9. clsickle1

    Teamviewer 10 Rollout via Labtech

    I have generated a script to roll out of Teamviewer 10 (not using Labtech version). Just using Teamviewer host and deploying passwords. To Get the password exported from a machine, Please generate a regfile under Extras, Options, Advanced, Export. We were unable to do this with Teamviewer 9. Any questions please ask Install TeamViewer 10.zip
  10. clsickle1

    Labtech Variables

    Good Afternoon, I am having a look at making the life easier and i have found alot of scripts that download to the variable: %LTSVCDIR% however these do not exist on any of our PC's in our Clients. I know this points to: c:\Windows\LTSVC Can you confirm if this should be created automatically by Labtech or should i be scripting this to create? Can someone help me with this. I am trying to use the Script posted previously regarding clearing the LTcache folder. Thank you CLSICKLE1
  11. HI, I have about 4 or 5 machines in a workgroup and each user has the same password on each machine. I am after a script in Labtech that will ask for which user account needs resetting and reset all the passwords in that workgroup in the Client Location. I hope that makes sense, (this really isn't practicle ) - I know using workgroups isn't a great solution but am wanting to save time for my engineers. Can anyone help me? Thanks Claire