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  1. i did patch 4 btw and it seems to have gone back to being a bit poo
  2. most of it seems to be this Windowsupdatefiles.ibd over 90GBs
  3. Hello all, My lt server database drive is running around 150GB currently. I have just under 1800 agents. Is there some recommended cleanup i should be doing on this thing its been running for 3 to 4 years now and just wondering what maintenance is recommended to get those sizes lower or if thats just par for the course. Thank you.
  4. Id like to add i did the March patch and i saw an improvement in performance for sure. I also cleaned out alot of old ticket information from the database as it wasn't necessary to have all that imo.
  5. Performance for me has been crappy too. Theres probably maintenance we need to do more regularly to the Server that i just don't know about. has anyone possibly posted anything in regards to recommended things to do?
  6. Hello, Recently I had moved our automate server to a cloud host with our other servers. when we connect to automate its just really slow and locks up alot/not responding. i figure its SQL over the internet which i feel never really works well but is there anything i can do to make it better? or did i just fuck it up and this isnt normal? looking for advice from my peers
  7. So i want to build a group search to show computers without a certain software. As im a search noob i know i can use the search to show application name and itll show me computers with a software. but when you use say not equals it just shows you all the software thats not named that. how can i narrow it down to just computer that don't have a certain software? sorry for a noob question but its not obvious to me
  8. So my management is considering the option of moving from Webroot to Malwarebytes total version whatever its called. I moved us from Eset to Webroot and i have to say im not unhappy with webroot at all and i know the group here spoke highly of it a year or so ago when i did the move. Now im asking if anyone has done the move to Malware bytes, any pros cons of the move. possible comparisons to webroot and other solutions? Thanks in advance guys.
  9. Ill try and jump on the Slack i used to be better about that. I appreciate the link about the webinar im going to look into it all now!
  10. How did i miss this? anyone using it yet and feedback?
  11. Unfortunately it would seem it cannot connect to it telnet. I should maybe clarify its not as much a "website" as the logon page to a HVAC control i believe. The connect via telnet fails.
  12. Hello, Ive created in the past a TCP monitor which looks for a sample of HTML text (text on the site) and if that is suddenly not available it lets me knowthe site is most likely down. I have a site i want to monitor but its just some java and there doesnt seem to be anything to key off of, well with my limited knowledge of custom monitoring that is. any suggestions for monitors in labtech or something i can do with LT to let me know when a site is not reachable. I could use something like up time robot i know but my management prefers we use internal existing tools first. thank you.
  13. I think im lost on creating the monitor. Any advice would be awesome.
  14. I was asked to report on computers for a client and each computer to show last logged in user. Thoughts?
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