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  1. So I had an issue where someof my screen connect agents were not turned on in automate. This was a problem as some of the techs said it took a while to install. So a colleague came up with this to filter out any SC agents that are not active. Credit To Jim H SELECT * FROM computers c INNER JOIN plugin_screenconnect_scinstalled p ON c.computerid=p.computerid WHERE c.computerid > 1 AND p.isscinstalled = 0
  2. did you ever come up with a solution for this. We had something similiar happen and I did the best that I could to correct it. Currently I believe i have a pretty solid option, but would like to elaborate on what you may have or ideas.
  3. I believe that this has been released. If this is the same thing that we are talking about. You can go to your network probe and find the network probe tile. Click on this. You will have to enable Gen 2 Probe at the bottom of all network probes though.
  4. Im looking for a little bit a feedback on what everyone else is using. We would like to get a standard for permission in LT. For instance we have a new guy starting and only want access to workstations. NO servers. What is everyone elses permissions looking like. Currently everyone is for the most part a LT admin.
  5. So here is the issue. We have a Triage board, and this board does not have a close function. It is up to the dispatcher to move to the appropriate board. Now lets say after hours I have a server offline. It goes to the triage board, This alerts the person on call that there is something in the triage to look at. Problem 1 - If the server comes back up there is no close function and it just sits there Problem 2 - I have created a workflow to run every 3 minutes to move to the support board, however if it closes then it does not auto close, due to the fact it is on a different board. My problem - Is there a script to run to move tickets to a different board. If the script does it, it will follow, and Can then auto close.
  6. We currently have our own webroot portal. Here all of our license keys are stored and managed at a central Location. If a client previously installed webroot, It will show they are protected. This in turn does not flag any alarms for me. However I had a client say the subscription was expired. This was due to them having a different install that does NOT come from us. Is there a Monitor that someone uses to maybe Say if the subscription is expired send an alert off. This way I know that they are not with us, and can install the correct version. Any help on this is appreciated.
  7. Hello, I have a problem with my employees when they install labtech on a computer they will use the genric installer. It then goes to my default place. This is turn is not a billable place and they need to move the agent. I am wondering if there is a monitor that i can use to say "Hey there is a computer in this location" Then I would look in the location and decide if its legit and move it or uninstall it. Anyone have anything like that. Basically would be something like IF client.location > 1 Alert me or trigger an alarm of my choosing. Any ideas? Thanks.
  8. This is perfect thank you so much, Maybe one more question, could I use to not have servers show up. The idea, is to get a monitor and if Desk Director is not installed run a script to automatically install it.
  9. This is perfect thank you so much, Maybe one more question, could I use to not have servers show up. The idea, is to get a monitor and if Desk Director is not installed run a script to automatically install it.
  10. I need help creating a monitor. I am not sure what I am missing. I need to find a out all the computers that do not have desk director installed on them. However only limit it to company (A,B,C,D) Here is what I have Table to Check - Software Field - ComputerId Check Condition - Anything Result - BLANK Idendity Filed - COmputerID Additional - software.ComputerID NOT IN (SELECT ComputerID FROM software WHERE `Name` LIKE '%DeskDirector%') AND Computers.LastContact > DATE_ADD(NOW(),INTERVAL -15 MINUTE) I do not know how to add the part to say only check Company ( A,B,C,D) Any help would be appreciated.
  11. do you have the XML file. It would be easier to use then to retype all this.
  12. So we use Ubiquiti Waps. There is SNMP built into them. I would like to monitor if they go offline. I am able to accomplish this by going into the network and setting send alert when unit is down. However i would like to change the category that it belongs too. Is there a way to change what category it goes to. I am using this to send to my CW board. any suggestions would hgelp
  13. Thank you Kylenick that was the command that i was looking for exactly.
  14. One of the scripts that lt comes with is the NC - Drive - Free Space < 5% Free,. The script that they use is for the additional condition is Drives.Size > 16384 and Drives.FileSystem not in ('CDFS','UNKFS','DVDFS','FAT','FAT32','NetFS') I need to add to say and if internal=true. I do not care in this instance about drives less then 5% that are external. Can anyone help me. Not a sql person.
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