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  1. For those of you on self hosted, has anyone removed the "everyone" NTFS permission from their LTShare directory and replaced it with more granular permissions for your user base? Management is a little concerned that all of our techs have full access to this share and would like to lock it down somewhat but I'm concerned this could break the way Automate reads/writes files to this location.
  2. I was wondering how people are monitoring their client's internet circuits. We have been using Nagios however getting it integrated with CW Manage for tickets has been a pain. It's easy enough to get it to open a ticket, but getting it to automatically close the same ticket if the circuit comes back up is pretty much impossible. I'm wondering if anyone has found a good way of doing this from within Automate since having tickets automatically open and close would be much easier if we could leverage that.
  3. I wanted to second what @ncdlloyd said and say that combining @timwiser VBS script with @DarrenWhite99 idea of a scheduled task through GPO works perfectly. One thing to look out for when configuring the VBS script is that the value for serverKey was not in the regkey discussed in the PDF setup doc. The ServerPassword key ended up not having the correct value in it (I'm not sure if this is due to it being encrypted when it should not have been or vice versa). I found my server password by just downloading a customized install MSI for any location and then just running it. One of the first screens will have fields for server address, server password, and location ID with these already populated. I copied the key from the field there and provided it to the VBS script and it worked like a charm. Many thanks to all who helped as we have been struggling with agent deployment for some time now (we found that probe push and GPO software deployment were not reliable).
  4. I'm also having CPU issues on Patch 10. Ever since installing it last week, mysqld.exe is eating up 99 percent CPU on our server. I would recommend holding off on installing until they get this resolved. I'm waiting to open a case with LT support now.
  5. I was at this session last week and it looked like they almost had it ready to go based on the demo. I think they plan on releasing to pilot in about a month, with probably another month of testing before it goes live so maybe 2 to 3 months?
  6. Having the same issue, haven't been able to resolve it yet.
  7. I wanted to see if anyone has had any luck getting their custom tabs to work in Automate 12. We were really only using 1 and since the forced new agent screen it no longer works. I can see the custom tab under the Plugins view but when I click on it I just get a generic header that says "Custom Tabs, Build custom tabs on any LabTech screen" with a file folder image and the rest of the page is blank. I've attempted creating various other tabs with different data types (WebPage, Data View, etc) with the same result: no data is displayed just the default Custom Tabs image and text. Has anyone had any luck with this in v12?
  8. In case anyone else runs into the same issue as me it turns out it was a local issue with the control center on my machine. Had to delete local cache files: c:\programdata\labtech client\cache c:\programdata\labtech plugins and then run control center as admin and now I see the new plugin.
  9. Yes I did. It would appear that is just removing it from the plugin list, but leaving behind all sorts of SQL data.
  10. I guess "new" is fairly subjective. It's the official plugin that was released probably about a year ago. To me it's new as I just updated to LT 11 so now can support it. The issue is I had been using the 3rd party one from by Greg for years without issue and it's stuck in there somehow. Appears there's not too much difference between the 2 plugins, the official LT one seems to have a little cleaner configuration tab plus I hear you can hit Enter after typing in your pin so that's a nice improvement. I'll dig around in the SQL database to find where the plugins are and maybe just purge everything related to it and do a fresh install of the official LT plugin.
  11. Does anyone know the procedure for fully uninstalling the old 3rd party plugin so that I can install the new official plugin? Every time I try to remove it and then install the new one, it retains all of the old settings and the tab even looks like the old one so I'm unable to use the new plugin. I'm guessing there's some SQL table I need to edit...
  12. While I don't have experience doing this specifically with Hyper-V clusters this feels like a feature Labtech doesn't really care about maintaining. The scripts that run the cluster patching say all over them that they only work with server 2008/2008r2 so this technically isn't even supported for 2012 or newer OSes. We've been trying to get this working for a few Exchange 2010 DAG clusters (running on 2008 r2) that we have and it has been a pain to get working properly. I've spent hours on the phone with support and what I indirectly get from how they speak about this is that its a feature so rarely used that they don't really bother supporting / updating it. We have yet to actually get it to work, but we've made changes to the cluster script and are hoping it works after our next update cycle.
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