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  1. Is the HP warranty API offline still guys?
  2. How can I only have just seen this what a awesome script. Just looking through the files where would you go to add a new / replace your api code as I can't see that anywhere. Thanks in advance guys.
  3. Hi Greg, I know this is a old post but does this work with LabTech 10 and also where do you get those 4 files from?
  4. @NCPJohn cracking thank you
  5. Just tried the link to download the script and plugin and it says website currently unavailable
  6. Cheers for the help so far guys, I have it installed and working for some machines, but other machines are stating The user does not have RSOP data (the whoami part resolves to the correct domain\user in the script). If I connect onto a server on the same network as one of the machines and run the gpresult with the computername and user account it returns the group policy data fine. Has anyone else come across this?
  7. Perfect thanks for the help
  8. Cheers for coming back to me on that, under Integration I haven't got a Custom Tabs, I've only got a Web-Control Centre Configuration and a Ignite Tab
  9. I've imported the script successfully but can someone explain how I can import and show the Tab properly please. Sorry newbie to this.
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