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  1. Great idea - will save a bunch of time. I installed the scripts - both ends create their respective txt files with content. However when the agent script runs the dos commands, I am seeing this logged and old monitor files are not being deleted: "F29 Message (P1): The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect." I tried killing the @echo off to see if it would give me more info, but no. Thoughts?
  2. Success on the file format = ANSI did it. Thanks much! Im going to try the monitor up to date scripts now.
  3. I'm getting C:\Windows\LTSvc\DNSForwarderCheck.vbs(1, 1) Microsoft VBScript compilation error: Invalid character When I run this monitor. Has anyone had success with it?
  4. We have UAC turned off on all workstations, and users are local admins of their machines. We still have random machines where the users have to RunAsAdmin to get LT to run.
  5. We as LT users pay for premium support and get Walmart quality. Since the merger it has gotten worse. Slow response times (often a week), excuses for the problems that they have created themselves, and "you need to make an enhancement request" for anything not completely in their box. Oh, and don't forget - custom programming - always trying to sell that too. In addition - Features have been taken away, but any time that a feature is added - well that's another $50/mo/user. All that being said - descent product, but its soooo frustrating when dumb issues keep it from being a fant
  6. not easily - you still have to sort through things. But easier than random queries. see below from LT support: The current media identified threat under MS17-010 has been fixed by Microsoft in the Monthly rollups in March and is included in the Monthly Rollups of May 9th. Since these are Rollups, you will no longer see the March release as system viable. For devices that have performed a recent Resend Hotfix the need for the patch will be seen. In other words, if the patch to fix the exploit is not showing, then it is not needed based on that system’s configuration. Standard patching
  7. Labtech confirmed to us this week that 10.5 has huge issues with the EXE installers. They said that the MSI is not having the issues. Any msi issues can usually be resolved using the windows installer cleanup utility. Given that it isn't as easy for a customer to use the msi (or get it to them), we have been using an old 10.0 exe when customers need an installer. We are using the specific MSIs for tech use. They would not give us a date on an expected fix. Only that they were aware of the issue and it revolved around the exe reading the deployment templates. 10.5 has been the W
  8. I'll second these requests.... Being able to default all to off is very important. both on new applications, new agents, and new clients. Preferably I would want to go into every single agent individually, to turn them on. But at the client level could have a master ON as well - both for installs in general and individual apps. My biggest issue - We've added new agents and apps to already configured clients - and it produced some undesired installs. With defaults of OFF, that wouldn't have happened.
  9. I cannot get the monitor command listed at the top of your post to return a valid result. Using this: I've tried running it through the monitor and directly through powershell.... any thoughts?
  10. Sure - it's probably easier than spitting them to excel.... Dashboard-config-configurations-virus scan Select them, Export On another note - it looks to me like you can probably eliminate or combine about half of the entries that you have in there. I'll look closer once I get them
  11. Steve.... Could you dump those and post as SQL? Thanks much!
  12. Maybe you would rather postpone this until after the next release... I just installed the plugin and scripts. Groups populate. Testing on server2012r2. When the script runs, it errors at step 12 - there is no appassueagentinfo.sql file present in the ltsvc\appassured folder. From what I can tell, this is created by the appassureitems.ps1 ? I even executed the script manually at the server console - no errors, no files created. Any thoughts? Jeremy
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