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  1. LT10 Screenconnect integration is great but everything is 800x600. How do I adjust the resolution or set it to full screen? Any help would be great. Elon
  2. I've created a monitor that is working fine. I only want alerts for a Success not a Failure (or visa versa). Right now I'm getting alerts for both. Thanks Elon
  3. Elon5280

    File Monitor

    Thanks! Worked Perfectly. Elon
  4. Elon5280

    File Monitor

    I'm creating a monitor. To send an alert when a file exists. Navigating to the locations is no problem but the monitor is not looking in the correct place. For example: %USERPROFILE%\documents\ Return: Directory C:\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\documents\ Missing
  5. Elon5280

    File Monitor

    I'm new to scripting / monitors but I'm looking to monitor the APPDATA or Documents folder. What are the variables that will check the current user's folders? Thanks for the help.
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