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  1. I figured it out, it had to do with NAT rules.
  2. We have a virtual environment, and until now, each server had direct internet access, and we locked things down via the host's virtual firewall. I needed to put something together that offered us VPN, so the environment was more like a typical data center LAN. I put in a Sophos firewall, gave all the servers local IPs, and then created NAT policies, etc... Just like as if they were physical servers in a co-location facility. There are four VMs behind the Sophos UTM 9. Labtech, Connectwise, ScreenConnect (automate, manage, connect) and a quickbooks server. EVERYTHING is functioning properly, all clients are checking in to LT and SC, etc... Except for the servers. The ScreenConnect server checks in, and I can connect to it via ScreenConnect through LabTech, although LabTech still says it's offline... All other servers also are reporting offline, and I can NOT ScreenConnect in to them. This is the first Sophos device I've ever done, but if I recall back when we had a data center and physical servers, I think we had this issue but I don't recall what the fix was... That was over five years ago. Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  3. Heya folks, I'd like to put together a dataview, or perhaps a monitor that identifies servers that do not have ShadowCopy enabled... Anyone have anything like that already?
  4. Heya folks, I've got a client who went a different route, got a new MSP and changed all admin passwords and so forth. I removed our agent from all their machines except for like, 3... Which they almost never have online. I removed the agent, but when they turn it on (like once every 6 weeks for about 20 minutes at a time), it pops back into my catch all group. I've tried a few different methods to deal with this, and I'm sure there may be easier ways, but I wanted to play around with creating searches and groups and so forth, I'm still kind of new to the mechanics... Anyway, I created an EDF check box named "Remove Agent at Next Check-in". I then created a search for endpoints with that EDF value, which I used as an auto-join for a group. I have the off-boarding script running against that group every 5 minutes, set to skip offline. I'm hoping that it runs often enough to remove itself from these machines when they pop online for their brief little visits... I see these things in the "retired assets" now, and the comment just says that they were removed by me, and what time... Is there a way to edit the setup so that it says "Removed by so-and-so as a result of "remove agent at next check-in" script?
  5. You know what, I restarted the server, everything is working like a Swiss clock. Thanks again!
  6. I imported this, and I also have a script that I believe I got from Gavsto too, which collects the Bitlocker data and records the keys and such.... However, it's not finishing. It's been sitting in the scripts queue "Running" now for 15 hours. Not sure what to do with it.
  7. Hello! I am a total script noob here, but I'd like to create a script that runs daily, and removes computers that have not checked in to the server in over 30 days, based on the "Agents no checin for more than 30 days" internal monitor. I have pretty much zero labtech script-writing experience, and even less SQL query experience. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I am getting this error with any of the reports from here that I try. I'd really like one that shows Patch Compliance, Asset Analysis, Server drive space used, non-compliant devices, and then AV status... Having a pretty difficult time with this, seems like it should be more intuitive for me. Maybe I'm getting old.
  9. Thanks folks! I, for some reason, didn't get the notifications of the replies here after the first... I was kinda freaking out about the fact that the LMI account has expired. I don't recall from whom I heard the "You're screwed forever" info, but it's a moot point now. The short version is that it was in the IRC chat, and I think a couple folks corroborated. Then I called ScreenConnect directly, and the sales dude was like "Yeah, you need to buy this for $840 / year." I just had a conference call with my sales rep and a very helpful fellow named Deon, who had a great accent. My fears were assuaged, and I'm pumped about the oncoming changes in 10.5. I was even able to sign up for the beta. I'm glad you said you were in that session, balexander@LTDev... I was even going through the recorded sessions to find when I asked the question, but couldn't find it, and was beginning to question my sanity! And in fairness, LT has so far, ALWAYS told me what I wanted to hear - When I get the info straight from the horse's mouth, it has thus far been true, and exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks again for the info and well thought out responses, I'm off to go work on my accent.
  10. When I went to AN2015, I asked the question during the SC demo "Will we be able to configure this so that our clients can log into their own systems remotely using SC through our servers" and I was told Yes. Since AN, we've been anxiously chomping at the bit to remove LMI. Yesterday I was told that this functionality is NOT, and likely will never BE possible... I can't explain how frustrating this is because our LMI Central account expired on the 1st (which, I swear I had until November, but whatever) and now the solution we planned on (which would have been the best solution we've ever been able to offer) is no longer an option. I kind of feel like we were just told what we wanted to hear at the conference... Perhaps that's unfair, and maybe I just wasn't clear on what I was asking, but client remote access has been a thorn in my side since Kaseya. I'm rather certain I was succinct about it. The owner is dead set against renewing LMI because of their price hike, and frankly I don't blame him. First, can that be substantiated? Will it ALWAYS be against the EULA to configure for clients to use our SC product to remote into their systems the way they could use VNC in the past? Second, what are other folks using as a remote control solution for clients, and can it be sold as a service, rather than them buying their own on premise solution?
  11. So I can update the SC server to 5.3? When I did the install through the solution center, it installed 5.1 automatically, so I figured I was stuck with that for the time being... is that a fair statement?
  12. Well poo. I was pysched about that. Haha. Thanks for clearing that up for me though.
  13. That's not working, I don't get anything with a right-click. Is that because I am going in through the LT integration? does it only work if I go in through the SC console?
  14. I saw at AN, the presenter had remoted into a dual screen workstation, and was able to split the two screens into two separate windows, and maximize them on his own two screen system, so it looked like he was sitting at the remote system... I cannot for the life of me figure out how he did that... Anyone know offhand?
  15. Hey folks, Just wanted to share my latest experience. Thursday night, I upgraded our LabTech 2013 server to 10. That was completely uneventful. However, when I went through the process to install the ScreenConnect portion, I ran into a snag. When everything was finally installed, and the agent updated on my endpoints, when you opened the ComputerManagement page of an endpoint and clicked on the ScreenConnect icon, you got the following error: "ScreenConnect returned a 401. Are your credentials correct?" NOTE: Everything connected perfectly if I went through the SC console. I contacted support, and our working theory was that when I installed the plugin, I DID click next before creating the administrator account in the ScreenConnect console. I had to back out a couple pages, go to the SC console, and supply credentials, and then continue with the wizard. We went through the trouble of removing some agents, reinstalling, etc... No good. The recommendation was to uninstall SC and the plugins, and reinstall. It took a long time to remove the agents from my endpoints, and then install, and redeploy, etc... and at the end of the day, same problem. The tech began digging through SQL tables and such. As it turns out, the integration did not like my administrator password that I had supplied to SC because it had special characters. It had a "!" and a ";" in it, and although that's fine for just SC, somewhere between SC and LT, that was a no go. I changed the password to something that was only alpha-numeric, and was met with success. I wanted to share this because had I known at the time of the first install, I'd have had SC working by 11PM Thursday night, rather than 5PM Friday afternoon. I hope this helps someone in my shoes!
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