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  1. Thanks for the pointers, guys. Turns out, for some reason, we had two LTShare locations. Getting that corrected fixed everything.
  2. Hello, I am trying to get a script to work with no luck. The script needs to download a file from our LTShare and run the file, however, it is not getting passed the DOWNLOAD portion. "The reason: ERR Could not Download file https://our.companysite.com/Labtech/Transfer/Software/WebTitan/DartTech/otgsetup.msi" I have rebooted the server, moved the file out of the LTShare\Transfer\Software location and moved it back, renamed the file, changed the DOWNLOAD syntax to Software/WebTitan/DartTech/otgsetup.msi, but still cant seem to get the download to function. Is the file too nested? Does it need to be in the root of \Software\? I've also tried navigating to the file through the browser. I dont get a prompt to download the file, the page shows comes up blank.
  3. Hello, I've created a DHCP Scope monitor that will trigger if the scope is above 95% full. However, the monitor will still trigger if there is an event in the event logs within the past 24 hours. How can I get the monitor to only look at the past hour or two? I've tried a couple varitaions of date_add(now()interval -1 hour) but that breaks the monitor. This is my current configuration on the monitor:
  4. I can confirm this is working. We are running on Automate 2019.1 v19.0.37 (Patch 1).
  5. Tried restarting the service a couple of times and let it sit overnight. Still cannot edit anything on the Integration tab.
  6. I just ran the installer and had no issues with the install. However, when I try to edit anything for DiscoverKeys in the Integration tab, I cannot do anything. Nothing I click on allows me to edit any settings.
  7. Hi, Have you checked to see if your Control server is set to purge the DB after "X" days? We used to have Control and Automate on the same server so we have SC take a look before we moved Control. Turns out, we never had any of our settings set to clear the DB so we had a 3.5GB DB of stale Control sessions. Configured the settings and the DB is down to 150MB. I don't really know of a way to sync the removal of the agent from both systems, but theoretically you could set an interval on Control maintenance and have a script that offboards/purges agents from Automate at the same interval. https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Administration_page/Database_page
  8. Hello, We've been trying to figure out a proper way to monitor for DHCP scope being full. I know there is an event in Windows that triggers when the scope is 80% full, but that isn't ideal for most of our clients as that would still leave them with around 20-30 addresses available. I'm more concerned if there are 10 or less available. I've tried adjusting the registry key that supposedly changes the percentage, but it still triggers @ 80%. Is there a better way to monitor the DHCP scope?
  9. Hi, We haven't gotten this to work correctly since with Automate 12. I reached out to the vendor, but it doesn't appear they have any direct implementation for Automate.
  10. Am I missing the .vbs script?
  11. I have been trying to figure out how to run a script that will append an entry to the existing hosts file I created a .bat file that does it perfectly, but am not sure how to get it to pull from LT and run on the agent. The issue we are having is several Windows 7 machines at a client keep getting the "Yellow Triangle" because of OpenDNS. Mostly doesnt cause a problem, except for Microsoft products stop working properly (https://support.umbrella.com/hc/en-us/articles/230900948-Umbrella-Roaming-Client-Microsoft-Windows-Limited-Network-Connectivity-Warning-Yellow-Triangle-)
  12. dhuang6, We are on LT11 Patch15. I edited the settings in the recommended by Nooch and added the scrpit by Pwilsusen and the recurring tickets have stopped for us.
  13. So ran into an issue today. Noticed all of our LT scripts were in a queued state. Worked with LT on this and we found the ThirdWall scripts were causing the block. After uninstalling the plugin and removing the scripts from SQLYog, all of the other scripts started processing. The LT tech mentioned he had seen this on another LT server as well.
  14. I tried looking through the forums but didnt see a topic on this (or my search skills are lacking). Is it possible to create a monitor/script that checks the time on servers to make sure they are using the correct time?
  15. Thanks Europait! Checked the install location and found the .exe was labeled just mbam.exe. Changed this in the script and it installed and activated. Thanks for the assist!
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