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  1. What interval is the duration set to on the internal monitors? I found the biggest change in disk cleanup tickets came as the result of reducing its interval to 4 hours.
  2. I'm can spend some time kicking the tires.
  3. Does anyone have this working on LT10 or 10.5? Ours worked, I believe until then. I've edited the scripts and they run to completion, but no data show up.
  4. Check your email again! LOL
  5. I sent an email to your support, but the XML won't import for me. No scripts adds.
  6. Just purchased! Hopes it saves more time than the uninstall autofix script I did (works 3/5 of the time, lol).
  7. False positives here, too. It seems that Cryptoprobe.bat isn't getting created.
  8. I tried to install it yesterday, but my cloud server's iis locked up, and when restarted, wasn't there. Not saying it was related, but it might be.
  9. Can't wait, Cubert. I love your plugins!
  10. Is the site offline? I'd really like to test this plugin.
  11. Well, that would be awesome as I've put a lot of time into customizing our SC server.
  12. This is all conjecture. Any beta testers here that actually know what's going on?
  13. Well, I'm still sitting in a trial I started between the LMI price increase and the CW announcement. I'm really happy with SC, but I'm guessing I'll have to bite the bullet buy a few licences to continue adhoc support?
  14. I've been on hosted since about August. Using Dropbox without issue.
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