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  1. color me confused... I see the statement of 2019.3 having 'the new LDAP' but there's no mention of it in the patch notes from CW (unless it's the 'issues addressed' piece). I am used to things like this being left out, however I am wondering where we are getting the information.
  2. Attached is my script as we had a couple of issues. 1) We don't use the plugin. We found it slow to load when it was in place and also we don't utilize the 'Multi-Client' feature of Auvik, which is really needed to use plugin. -- I created 'parameters' of auvik_name, auvik_user, and auvik_pass to be input manually when you run the install script against a server. 2) Issues with the new probe and port 69 (TFTP). I found out there is a Known Issue with the new probe and not truely disabling the TFTP service (thanks to MSPG slack). -- The old probe was being overcome via SQL query, so I modified it to include the new probe table, to find any probe that has a possibility of using port 69. If a probe was found to be using port 69 on the machine I was trying to install the collector on, I updated the ports to use 65000 so there would be no conflict with the collector. After the install of the collector, I set the ports to 0 for old probes and NULL for new probes. Only other change with my script is that I made it an Isolated Script so other software installs and scripts don't run at the same time as this. Thank you for the ROLE!! Super helpful! FUSE - Install Auvik Service.xml
  3. take a look at the cluster patching, and hyper-v cluster patching topics/scripts
  4. Is it bad that my numbers/type don't match up to yours? 😕
  5. actually, I think most everything's covered in here :
  6. What about things like indexing? And/or performance monitoring?
  7. Back in the 2017 time frame they changed the CWM plugin to only allow for the initial creation of the Manage tickets to allow for the settings like Board, Priority, Type/Sub/Item to be set. Previous to this, any time you changed the Category in Automate the settings would be changed in Manage also. This allows for you to use Automate scripts, to change categories, thus being able to move boards in Manage. I guess enough people complained, so they added in a property to allow for this functionality to come back. If you create the property named _sysAlwaysRemapManageTickets and set it's Value to True, the Manage plugin will now push all changes to a ticket made in Automate, over to Manage.
  8. OP, this may get you pointed in the right direction. If not, we can get this rocking for you. https://www.reddit.com/r/itglue/comments/919g1r/itglue_delete_orphaned_configs/
  9. I know this is an old post, but something that will help you gather the events to review in text and add to a ticket, if you get a triggered event. ## Quick throw together search for failed logins that I've confirmed works. Get-EventLog -LogName Security -instanceID @(529,644,681,4625) | Where {$_.Message -like "*Logon Type:`t`t`t2*" -or $_.Message -like "*Logon Type:`t`t`t7*" -or $_.Message -like "*Logon Type:`t`t`t10*"} | FL >> $env:temp\seclog.txt
  10. We were working on this today and just got it fixed so it actually works. The main issue we found is that there are still references to the 'Clients' data source, when the creator changed 'Clients' to 'ClientInfo'. The other issue we found is the header and footer need to reference a report source URL that is a valid. After we got the report working we found the report was listing every server & drive. We'll be working to make it more of a single page report, like the exec. report of old was, and will post our working copy once we are happy with it. Not sure how long that'll be though.
  11. Do you guys ever contact your account managers with this info? I've found ours to be a good resource for when things go sideways. That being said, I don't deal with CW support too much. Also, I believe I heard that CW outsourced their T1 support (not sure if it was just for Manage, or all business units). Could be a piece to the puzzle.
  12. Posted this in the slack channel, but figure I'd ask here as well. I need some understanding oft h_computerstats, and it's friends statshourly, statsdaily... etc.? My question is, where does the sample data live for h_computerstats, because it 'seems' like it should be a summary table. But, maybe the data is just overwritten/updated with ever agent checkin, and the sample value incremented by 1? That wouldn't make sense for the h_computerstatshourly because the sample value is always 1. Information on this table would be excellent.
  13. Mitel did the same thing about a year ago. This doesn't surprise me at all. I do wish they would do things like focus on the product more. However, this is business folks. There will be some new shiney fancy toy that comes along soon enough, and the heard will all flock to it and sing it's praises... Then the M&A starts
  14. I think this is it... https://docs.labtechsoftware.com/LabTech10/Default.htm#AddOnSolutions/PSA/ConnectWise6.2/AgreementManagement/ConfigurationTypes.htm%3FTocPath%3DAdd%2520On%2520Solutions%7CPSA%7CConnectWise%25206.2%7CAgreement%2520Management%7C_____4
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