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  1. cdk

    Agent Status Reports

    Figured out the reporting in the Report Center..... Not perfect but it works...
  2. cdk

    Agent Status Reports

    So now the legacy report have been removed totally and I am now SOL..... 🤬🤬
  3. cdk

    Agent Status Reports

    What I'm looking for is to be able to check when an agent was installed and if it has checked in within the last 30 days. I am able to run this report in the old Report Manager but would like to have it available in the new Report Center. The old report is called 'Agent Status'. Thanks in advance
  4. cdk

    Agent Status Reports

    Has anyone been able to develop an agent status report in the new 'Report Center'?
  5. Been struggling with this as well, will give this a shot. Quick question though. What do you have for the - Update Command portion?
  6. Has anyone here created a custom report to check printer resource usage (ink levels, pages remaining)? I can set monitors that can check each individual toner cartridge but to do that for every resource for every printer is a little daunting.....
  7. Anyone here do any custom reporting for printer resources?
  8. You can create a script action to alert\email\create ticket for the site contact\tech? Or have the alert create a ticket and it will email the site tech\contact? Just a few quick thoughts....
  9. Looking to create a report that will tell me the printer resource levels via graphs or just % levels, looking to have it check on a weekly basis and the autoprint the results to a network printer or email it to me. Can anyone help?
  10. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  11. I got it to work by pointing the AP Process to look for 'managedantivirus*'
  12. I took\coped the location directly (using lt file explorer) from the PC that I am testing with. There is no x86 folder - verified 32bit environments.
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