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  1. myohnk

    report for client reviews/monthly reports

    Unfortunately I have nothing useful to add either, but I agree that the existing canned reports are not the most useful, and being SQL illiterate doesn't help. I've spent hours pouring over everything I can find in doc and forums and have yet to come across anything that fits the bill.
  2. Hello guys - Let's start this off with, I am stupid, or at least feel that way when it comes to doing anything outside of the default setup of Labtech. I'm trying to utilize some of the SNMP monitoring such as the above, but am clueless when it comes to importing and getting things to work. The doc makes this seem simple, but I've tested importing one of the remote monitors, but cannot for the life of me, find it anywhere in LT. I imported SNMP - HP Proliant - CPU Fans.sql as an example, but have not yet been able to locate this inside Labtech. Anyone that can point me in a direction? I would be immensely appreciative.
  3. When using the FluShot tab and attempting to set the Scan Type to "deep", although I'm saving this setting, each time I leave and come back to this tab it resets itself to "smart" and all scans are done in smart mode rather than deep. Any idea why I can't get this setting to save? I'm using v1.3.1.
  4. myohnk

    Script to create/reset "MSPAdmin" account

    I don't see in this script where the MSPAdmin account gets created. Line 12 says 'add user with password' but there isn't a command associated so no account gets created.
  5. myohnk

    LabTech Agent Deployment Tool - UPDATED LINKS

    I know this is an old thread but since I'm new here it's new to me. I was hoping there had been some forward movement on the GUI issue. I've tried the installer on multiple locations without any success, same as the others, double-click the GUI .exe file and nothing happens. The CLI works but occasionally I run into issues where it just stops in the middle without carrying out an entire network install, i.e. will sometimes only make it through 40 or 50 IPs and then just stop, no error at all. Subsequent runs from the last IP scanned continues on and sometimes will run from .82 (or so) through .254 without issue. Seems odd. OP this is an invaluable tool in my opinion and would love to see the GUI working if you have it. Thanks in advance!