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  1. Suggestion/Request: To be able to pass the value of an object(Text box) to a script as a variable. this is kind of along the same lines as the %ASKVAR% bit and script variables. Just a thought. Great meeting you at AN. Thanks for your contributions!!
  2. mattl

    Introduction to Custom Tabs

    You need to use the "Ask" Replacement variable which is accessible through the F2 key. For Multiple variables, use a pipe | to delimit the ask statements. In my example "RDPPort" is the parameter in the script. Hope this helps.
  3. mattl

    **SQL NOOB** SQL Question

    I'm building a custom tab to show network info for a specific computer, and then I have scripts built already to manipulate the network Info. The query you posted works, bringing in all computers. I was able to add a WHERE clause to the end to pull in only the current computer stats. THANKS GUYS for the quick response. Now to get accepted into the Geek Exchange.
  4. mattl

    **SQL NOOB** SQL Question

    Hello All, first off big thanks to all who have contributed to this awesome forum. I have found many useful plugins, tabs, etc... from here. Now to my question(Prefaced by the statement I am a SQL Noob) - Can someone help me find my error in the following SQL Query? SELECT DISTINCT v_networkadapters.ComputerID, AdapterName, IPAddress, Gateway, NetMask, Description, Status, DeviceType, Computers.ComputerIP, Computers.DNSInfo as 'DNS' FROM v_networkadapters, Computers WHERE v_networkadapters.ComputerID=computers.ComputerID AND v_networkadapters.ComputerID=%computerid% Thanks for any help anyone can provide!!