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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the prompt responses. Phmcgann - your suggestion pointed me in the right direction, many thanks. It took a little more tweaking but we now have a solution in place for what we wanted! Darren - nice in-depth post on automating PC deployments. We have something like this in place and it's made life so much easier! I'll give a quick run through on what we were trying to achieve overall, in hope that it assists anyone else that may be looking for a similar solution. We have recently migrated to ESET v6 which uses the remote administrator agent to allow workstations to talk back to the administrator server. After initially running an agent deployment task ,around 50% of our machines installed the product. Our aim was to automate the process of installing the agent software, for whenever a new agent joined a client or for current agents which did not have the software installed after the initial push. - First off I created searches based on phmcgann's post. - The first search checked for agents where the EDF was set to false (0). - Created a group for this search to look at, along with the script phmcgann advised on - setting the EDF value to 1. - Next, I created a search for each of our clients. This search contained x3 conditions - 1) EDF field Is False, 2) Client Name =, 3) LabTech.IsOnline Is True The third option was to save the deployment we would eventually use running against offline agents. - Once the individual client searches had been created, I created a group for each client and limited the group to look at this search only. - Finally created the deployment tasks in the ESET plugin, one for each client, and configured as a persistent task. I hope the above manages to help someone in a similar situation! Many thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, I have created an EDF (checkbox) which will be ticked if a certain piece of software is installed. The aim is to be able to create a script which will search an agent for the software, and if it's installed update the EDF from 0 to 1, and if not installed keep the EDF as 0. I have tried creating the above but have come across a few issues and haven't had much success. Can anyone please advise if they have done something similar or point me in the right direction? Many thanks, Yellowadmin
  3. Hi, We are having an issue with the 'LT - Offline Servers' monitor flagging up an error on one of our servers, see below: "Appears server computer **** is online and pingable but the Admin share is not accessible. Here are the returned results when trying to connect to the admin share: System error 86 has occurred. The specified network password is not correct." The correct network password is set in the location, and this has only been happening in the last week or so where nothing has changed on the server. Can anyone offer any insight as to why we are seeing this message? Thanks, Yellowadmin
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