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  1. I installed this on my LT 10.5 with the toolkit update, and it worked out of the box. Only small issue, was after I restarted the DB Agents, and logged out when I logged in I was getting errors and it turned out my Labtech MySQL Server service was stopped as well. I don't know what caused it but thought I would mention it because right after enabling a MFA plugin not being able to login again is pretty concerning Looks good though!
  2. Hi everyone, every so often, I am noticing that when I hop onto one of our Exchange servers I will get errors that Powershell is locked down. A simple set-executionpolicy fixes this, but Im wondering if anyone else is seeing the same thing? I cant think of any Windows Update doing it, maybe LT does it? although I dont seem to be able to find anything.. In the meantime I am going to just write a quick script to run every week to set it, but clearly thats not the 'answer'!
  3. There are 2 ways to do it, you can drop the file right on the server via SSH (need it enabled/fw off and pw of course). Or if you have vcenter you can deploy from a central mgmt fileshare/vcenter itself. While in our enviornment we do it the 2nd way, I would imagine most people who have 1 or 2 physical hosts are not going to have the Pro/Enterprise version along with VC, so probably scripting it would be SCPing the file over and then running the file as root from command line. This is also how you do vendor specific vmware updates like for HP,DELL,FC Nics etc ... so it could have alot of use!
  4. We removed the virtualization manager and went with the free plugin ESX Health Monitor from Squidworks. I was monitoring my datacenter which is 16 hosts, and over 200 VM's across 4 SAN's. When I used the virtualization manager my logfiles on vmware would go crazy to the point of our logging was impossible to sort through, and the cpu of the server we monitored it from often had 100% cpu hung and locked up. You may find it easier to work with some of the guys here who have already done alot of heavy lifting and this would be a simple 'addon' to whats already being worked on..
  5. Okay thanks, I dont feel so bad then I swear it went alot faster when I first updated.
  6. Hi all, we upgraded to 10.5 several months ago now and Ive noticed that the last 2 or 3 times I run the Marketplace its taking hours to go through everything. Especially on generating list of scripts seems to hang for along time. CPU/Ram are at normal levels and LT overall is running okay, i can even use it on the server directly while Im loading the solution center and it doesnt seem to have any effect. Im wondering if something is wrong with my LT or if people are seeing this kind of behavior? My initial guess is no because Im sure people would be screaming all over the forum but im not sure where i should begin to troubleshoot..
  7. Probably would have to be some join query to get the result and put it there. I left it to one of my system engineers to fix, which means he probably never did it
  8. I think both. If its not a DC it should have a local account to handle troubleshooting etc. Would be very nice. I also noticed when I ran it on my clients it created disabled domain user accounts, maybe I missed something somewhere. I am just redeploying it now to confirm I did it properly or not.
  9. The latest version of SCR (5.4.9849.5781) seems to give us a black screen if we flip to an RDS user on 2012/2012r2. We dont have this on a few older 2008 servers. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this recently?
  10. Just as a follow up, I have pushed out now to 4 clients and about 100 machines and it seems to be working well. One thing I didnt think about and am trying to come up with a way to handle it is RDS servers. While I dont normally want to push java/adobe/chrome to servers, we do treat RDS servers as desktops since they are user based obviously. I know the hard way would be to turn on servers in the main page, and then goto each server that I *DONT* want it on and turn it off, and maybe in the long run this is the answer . I was thinking that even if i isolate the TS into their own location thats not going to help. I did see that I can goto the individual server and 'enable' it so hoping that will work for the control we need. Overall this is great, and I cant wait to get into the custom repository stuff we have some big plans for the choco stuff in 2016
  11. Okay thanks I will go check those out. I was concerned that I messed it up by overwriting the demo one with the new one... Between this post and your response I found the 'chocolatey maintenance' script. I ran it manually on my desktop and right after i did that a few minutes later 7 machines in my office 'checked in' and started indexing and installing the choco agent. Im guessing that was just timing and everything will be okay now . Thanks again, this looks like a great replacement for our ninite/app-care and Im excited to get it rolling into all clients.
  12. Hey this looks like it would be a good replacement for the 5 scripts we run constantly! we make a domain admin account *and* a local account with the same creds across all machines domain and non-domain joined. This way during an issue , like network issue, DNS , or malware hijack we have a local account that can get on the machine in safe mode or anytime the domain is not available. We did ours similar where we made a group of non-changing networks/locations and those are skipped . We made a checkbox at the client level for our scripts to check. While it works I know it can be done much easier and this looks like the right way to do it. FYI, on a Mac/Linux all you would have to do is run the proper command to make a user (adduser) and update the pw (passwd) and send it over
  13. Hi all, just curious, i had the 5 user free for about a month seemed to be working ok. earlier today i purchased 1000 seats, and am very excited. I went in and updated the plugin via the latest.zip and everything was able to turn on and shows loaded, but after several hours Im still waiting for the first client to be 'inventoried'. I see its set for 1 HR maintenance runs, is there a script anywhere i can see or run manually just to confirm its working?
  14. kiddx

    LogMeIn Removal

    Hi all, so a quick down and dirty, I took the 2 commands from scootr and put an email notice real quick on it. The trick was i had to run as SHELL: not admin, not process execute, nothing else. I attached it here. I ran this on my whole org and within 20 minutes @ 800 clients dropped out ... and I got an email that showed me the results output. HTH anyone trying to get this done correctly. The wmic option works too from cmd line, I didnt go back and test if i did it as SHELL if it works or not ... Good luck! LMI-Remove.zip
  15. kiddx

    LogMeIn Removal

    I run this from the command prompt and run the LMI task scheduler and it works, but no matter what i use in LT script it doesnt work Process Execute / admin Shell user/admin Powershell user/admin However, this seems to work from any admin command prompt or the cmd prompt in LT wmic product where name="logmein" call uninstall
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